CJ E&M is a true leader in Asian cultural trends, providing diverse various media
content and platform services for broadcast, movies, music, performance, and games!

CJ E&M aims for the top with the slogan ‘Only One’.

As a Global Media Group offering the best in enjoyment and satisfaction,
CJ E&M is taking the lead in Asian Pop Culture through its international reach.

  • CJ E&M MUSIC.LIVE Mwave, Korea’s top music site!
    CJ E&M MUSIC.LIVE leads the global K POP market in online music services, live concerts and performaces with K POP Stars.
  • CJ E&M MEDIA With its strong tvN, Mnet and OCN channel infrastructure in the Korean market, CJ E&M MEDIA provides a range of useful content, as it makes the move towards becoming a global media group.
  • CJ E&M PICTURES CJ E&M PICTURES has the largest market share in Korea, taking the lead in the domestic movie market through co-productions with Hollywood and exclusive distribution of Paramount and DreamWorks films. It is a true No.1 studio set to be a center for the Asian film industry.
  • CJ E&M GAMES CJ E&M GAMES has the top Korean game portals ‘Netmarble’, and ‘ma9ma9’ with over 70 kinds of game content, enjoyed in over 20 countries.

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