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[bnt interview] BTOB on Releasing Another Ballad and Their Fans

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2016.04.09 13:52 CJ E&M enewsWorld Cho Hye Jin

[bnt interview] BTOB on Releasing Another Ballad and Their Fans

BTOB is back with the melody of spring. There were fans in the group’s memory in spring days and the members’ hearts for fans were warm just like spring.

Recently, the group held a round interview session to commemorate its eighth mini album Remember That release. The members appeared at the site with happy faces and continued to talk without losing humor and smiles.

“We wanted to show ballad songs three times in a row. Since we are trying to make long activities, we only showed 1 out of 10. We don’t think our choice in ballad is not dangerous at all because we want to show various genres. If the audiences can heal themselves with our songs, we are willing to try ballad, dance, hip-hop, EDM and others.” (Yook Sung Jae)

“We don’t get stuck in a specific genre. We choose a song that we like and make activities. Since we choose one because we liked it, there was no problem.” (Jung Il Hoon)

[bnt interview] BTOB on Releasing Another Ballad and Their Fans

All the members seemed confident about their new song although it was ballad once again. Lim Hyun Shik said, “Rather than spring’s bright mood, it has warmer sense.” Jung Il Hoon added, “We focused on reminiscence” and explained about its difference with other spring songs.

“Where It’s Okay and On My Way Home give hopes to the audiences, Remember That is flashing back the memory of love.” (Lim Hyun Shik)

“I thought I can heal people through this song as well. I saw people’s responses about the new song, there were people who overcame the pains of breakups for real. I think there are some healing points of heartbreaking moments in the song.” (Jung Il Hoon)

In the bright melody, the lyrics saying breakup are very impressive. When they got a question what exists in their memory of spring, Yook Sung Jae answered, “This year’s March 21 is our 4th anniversary. Since we debuted in a spring day, that is the most memorable part.”

“We used to make activities in spring. I think we spent spring days with our fans. If we had a hiatus in the season, we might just pass the days without memories, but we steadily built memories with fans.” (Lee Min Hyuk)

[bnt interview] BTOB on Releasing Another Ballad and Their Fans

Just like their sayings, four years already passed with the fans. Jung Il Hun said, “We feel like we become a rookie every time we release our new album. Whenever we release a new album, many people recognize us and they like us much” and flashed back the group’s performances.

Seo Eun Kwang said, “As the leader of the group, I want to last these activities for a long time. Personally, I want to be in this group until I become an old man.” He kept highlighting ‘for a long time’ over and over again with laughter, his words depicted his feelings, desperation.

“We said we don’t care about ranking, but I think it will be good if we rank No.1. We are waiting for it with patience.” (Lee Min Hyuk)

“We want to win the trophy. Most of all, our fans loved us to win it and some of them actually cried. I want to make them enjoy once again with the trophy.” (Seo Eun Kwang)

“Many things went through in my mind as I saw a fan crying even before us when we won the trophy. I want that happens more and more.” (Jung Il Hoon)

[bnt interview] BTOB on Releasing Another Ballad and Their Fans

BTOB had its fans inside of their hearts. They added, “Until the moment we held a concert at Jamsil Indoor Stadium, we kept thinking whether we had something that the fans love us. As we see that, we become greedy and we wish to communicate with the fans at a larger stadium” about its concert.

“When we step on the stage at first, we get power from the fans making the site blue.” (Lee Min Hyuk)

“It might be good if we perform at a larger stadium, but I want to perform in front of the fans at a small theater like a live bar.” (Yook Sung Jae)

“Actually, our agency is reviewing it in a positive way, so we do have a plan for it. I’m not sure whether it is a regular base, but it might go in a good way if we have a specific term.” (Lee Min Hyuk)

About modifiers that can decorate the group’s name, Lee Chang Sub said, “I want BTOB to hear ‘We trust the group, so we listen to its songs.” Lim Hyun Shik and Seo Eun Kwang added, “I want all the songs of the album can be loved. There are some artists that receive much love from the mass public with all the songs. We want to be like them.”

Remember that suits well for spring. I want BTOB to Spring TOB and I want everyone to spend a fresh spring with Remember that.” (Seo Eun Kwang)

[Translated by Woorim Ahn]

Photo credit: Cube Entertainment

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