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[bnt interview] Ji Soo Talks Acting and EXO′s Su Ho in ′Glory Day′

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2016.04.13 10:00 CJ E&M enewsWorld Lee Lin

[bnt interview] Ji Soo Talks Acting and EXO′s Su Ho in ′Glory Day′

This is not the first time for Ji Soo to draw the story of youth. Ji Soo, who showed the image of a rough youth from the drama Angry Mom, Cheer Up! and the recent drama Page Turner, played a role of a 20-year-old righteous rebel Yong Bi from the movie One Way Trip.

Recently, He, who bntnews met at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul, had sharp, but genuine eyes. Glory Day is about four 20-year-old friends involving in a ridiculous event during the trip. He took the role of Yong Bi, who stands on the axis of the incident among four friends stuck in a dilemma of reality and friendship.

The movie was pre-released in The 20th Busan International Film Festival ‘Today of Korean Movie - Panorama’ and met audiences before its premiere. From that day until the day of the press preview, he, who watched the movie for three to four times, started to talk with the trembling mind.

“When I watched the movie for the first time, I cried. But, I gradually became more subjective and level-headed in watching the movie. So, now I could see a deficiency from myself. I had a lot of conversation with director by thinking that I could have done well on my acting and did my acting was my best effort. But I brought cheer to myself by thinking that the reason why I was able to see the deficiency is because I arrayed myself in my best clothes."

[bnt interview] Ji Soo Talks Acting and EXO′s Su Ho in ′Glory Day′

The movie is his first commercial movie as a main role. Therefore, he had pressure and thrill on himself. He, who thought he has a deficiency, made Yong Bi with co-actors and director in a calm and orderly way.

“I was filming the drama Angry Mom. On the preparation period, I occasionally went to the office and talked about the reasons and flows of every action from each scene and also had some advice. While filming the movie, director rather just believed me. When I ask ‘Is this correct’, he gave me courage by saying, ‘Yes, it is. You are a Yong Bi’. Therefore, I was like, ‘I am a Yong Bi. This might be correct. I should just do whatever I feel like to do’. And then, director only told me the part he doesn’t think is right. I think we had good communication with each other.”

The movie, which had four months of casting period, not only the specific image, but also characters’ symbolic image was correnponded and build the perfect casting line-up. Along with Ji Soo, EXO Suho, rising actor Ryu Jun Yeol and rising star Kim Hee Chan starred in the movie and their faces representing youth of 2016 increased audiences’ expectation.

“We knew each other before. We all met before because of Byun Yo Han. It was amazing to act all together. We had no problem get along with each other. Therefore, every moment of filming was fun. Filming the scene before the incident happens, I felt like building up good memories by melting into the scene. It was our world.”

[bnt interview] Ji Soo Talks Acting and EXO′s Su Ho in ′Glory Day′

The story of actors from the same age group and youth suits well with him and it thrilled his heart in every moment. Moreover, he traveled to Los Angeles with Suho and build up his own meaningful memories. “The world was too large. There are so many things to experience and I want to do that as soon as possible.” He carefully and slowly talked about his own story like taking out the memory puzzles written in his diary.

“I always thought tones of development and youth movie like The Basketball Diaries and Mommy were cool. I continuously did the role of a rebel. Now I want to show a new image of myself. I like the movie has remarkable manly side. I would like to act genius characters like from Catch Me If You Can and Total Eclipse. Isn’t it cool?”

[bnt interview] Ji Soo Talks Acting and EXO′s Su Ho in ′Glory Day′

He would never do anything carelessly. He repetitively worried until he wears clothes of Yong Bi and made the role with his own style. In addition, he always worries about not only the side of his acting, but also to become a good person. And therefore, shouldn’t his future to be more glory.

“I want to become a believable actor. There are two meanings for that, an actor with good acting skill and an actor has broad spectrum, who is able to act as any kind of role. If you see Leonardo DiCaprio, even though you know him well, you can only see him as his role from his film. Also, I want to become a good person. I always think about ‘What is a good person’ and it is really hard. However, if I become a good person, it will have a big influence on me to become a good actor. If I could do that, I think happy and good people will be next to me and my life will be happier. (laughed)”

[Translated by Bae Jung Yun]

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