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BTS ′LOVE YOURSELF Her′ Fan Theories Event Results - 3

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2017.10.17 15:50 CJ E&M enewsWorld Kenzie Park

Since September 13 through September 25, Mwave held the Fan Theories Event leading up to BTS′ comeback with DNA. We were able to see how much fans cherished and enjoyed BTS′ concept and AU. Thanks to the many participants, entries will be revealed through a series of 3 articles. Through this article, check out the text entries based on the Comeback Trailer ′Serendipity′ and theories combined with other works.

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Comeback Trailer : Serendipity

“Why does it feel like #Serendipity is a letter to Armys?”

Ma Isabel Belleza Cuizon
“DNA has a big role for Calico cats”

babyjoonJimin WINGS Trailer X Serendipity

#HER eemiinn

Keishay D Crawford The Pied Piper and Serendipity
The track list that BTS recently released includes a song called the Pied Piper. The Pied Piper is a German Rat-Catcher who dressed up in multiple colors. His job was to lure rats away with a magic pipe. Eventually he got mad that the townspeople weren′t paying him for his services. He then began to use the pipe on the children of the town to lure them away from their homes. The rats and children are the same. The lyrics of Serendipity mention 난 네 삼색고양이 (I′m your calico cat). A calico cat is a cat with 3 colors. Cats are known to chase rats. So as Jimin sings "I′m your calico cat", he is referring to the multicolored rat-catcher, the Pied Piper. Jimin and the Pied Piper are the same. Ultimately the Pied Piper uses his pipe to tempt kids to leave home and come to him. I′m reminded of the lyrics of Intro: Boy Meets Evil. These lyrics suggest that love is luring J-Hope away from his dream and tempting him. He is being lured to invisible things (the sound of the pipe). He later realized that this sound was bad and dark (Boy Meets Evil).

Theories Combined with Other Works

mina BTS concept photos X Koe no Katachi X The girl who leapt through time
“Both movies show how the character’s friendship bond remained strong all throughout despite being in a crisis of loving yourself”

I can′t think straight again😆
Ths is just my general opinion 😍💕 I have read those thousands of their theories. And they just give us to think free of imaginations, the important one is they lead us to read book to increase our knowledge. Giving us strength to face ourselves and the world in our life. Not giving up on our dreams, our life. Especially for many children, teenagers.. Even adults or elderly💙👍 their new album r for us not even A.R.M.Y 😘 THEIR NEW ALBUM ARE REPRESENT TO US. 8 <3😇

Keishay D Crawford
My theory is that there is a correlation between BTS and the K-drama that V was in called Hwarang. Right before his death, V asked another character in the drama if he would still "walk with him". The character said yes and then shortly after that Vs character dies. A few months later, BTS released an album called "You Never Walk Alone. In the Blood Sweat and Tears MV, Taehyung jumps off of the balcony and dies. The YNWA album was to commemorate V’s death.

BTS 20171017 Fan Theory 20171017
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