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Top 6 Moments of Sing Again, Hera Gu: Episode 7: Everyone Has Secrets

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2015.02.25 20:00 CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

There were a lot of confessions being thrown around here and there....although not all of them were romantic in the least bit.

And we′re conflicted about Se Jong′s silence. We love him, but he′s quite frustrating at times.

Music Covered in Episode 7

Ra.D - I′m In Love (Ray′s confession to Hera)
Kim Kwang Jin - Sincerity (Impact′s song stolen from 789)
Lee Ye Rin - Come On Baby Tonight (Hera and Woori′s competition song)
IU - Friday (Duet song between Woori and Jang Goon)

Truthfully, when I first saw you
It was really hard for me to say
That I liked you
If I didn′t approach you first,
I thought I would lose you
So I wrote a letter
And prepared a small present.
It′s true that my fears came first
at the thought that if it gets serious it might be painful
But I prayed with an earnest heart
And I belived that the person I′ve been longing for is you

I′m, I′m in love
I′m, I′ve fallen in love
I can′t help it.
For me to hide my heart,
You are too beautiful.

Ra.D - I′m In Love

Ray: Everything about you is beautiful, but you′re the most beautiful when you smile like that.

This ever so sweet, heart-fluttery confession from Ray.
Ray stole our hearts in this scene.

We just can′t with Taepoong. We just can′t.
And the mommies... the mommies who keep having these wild dreams

Woori: ′I have hemorrhoids.
It hurts to the point it felt like it was ripping apart.′
Why can′t you just say it??

The moment when you find out that the reason why Henry′s been acting all sketchy is because he has hemorrhoids.

Poor guy.
Don′t worry, Henry. Sh*t happens.

Finding out that the already messed up situation is even more messed up than we thought.

Se Jong: Do you know what′s more upsetting than being falsely accused?
It′s when the person that I trust the most won′t trust me.
That hurts the most.

Jang Goon: Just returned the cardigan after you dry cleaned it.

Woori: I want to give you my heart too!

Jang Goon: ... sorry... I′ve never been attracted to you.

Oh heartbreak....
All right, time to jump ship (to Henry??)

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