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Top 6 Moments of Sing Again, Hera Gu: Episode 8: Confession

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2015.03.03 19:30 CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

If episode 7 was all about confessions, episode 8 was more about the confessions that couldn′t be said out loud.

There were plenty of moments that had us laughing, our hearts fluttering and our eyes welling up with tears, so check out what happened in episode 8!

Music Covered in Episode 8

2AM - What Should I Do (Ray and Hera′s audition song for Jo Sung Mo concert)
Yoo Hee Yeol - Good Person (Se Chan and Woori′s audition song for Jo Sung Mo concert)
Jo Sung Mo - Do You Know (Se Chan and Woori′s duet)
Jo Sung Mo - Pledge (789 concert performance)
Yoon Jong Shin & Jung In - Uphill (789 busking performance)

Yes, we′re definitely on this new ship. Fosho.

Ray being real smooth with Hera at the aquarium.
Who wants to be Hera right now?
*slowly raises hand

Jang Goon: The way I like you isn′t like that.
It′s different from you.
When I see you, right here, it hurts.

An honest confession from Jang Goon.
And Woori now knows why she got rejected.

We.... like it when they′re drunk.
They should drink more often.

Se Jong: The problem all the time is timing.
And the problem becomes bigger if something doesn′t get solved at that timing.
I′ve always believed that the moment of a dramatic confession should be held onto for that person you love.
But in the end, love is also about timing.
After losing the right timing, we wait for new opportunities
Regret our hearts that didn′t cross paths
And hurt unable to say anything
So we miss out on connections.
The best timing for the person you love is to not be late any longer.
As it always has been, confession is based on timing.

If only Se Jong knew about this way before.

Se Jong:It′s really fun to sing together after a really long time
I just wish you were here right next to me.
I wish that could happen, Se Chan.


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