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Top 6 Moments of Sing Again, Hera Gu: Episode 9: Drama

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2015.03.11 19:30 CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

That was quite an eventful episode.

It had the right amount of dramatic and hilarious moments, along with some pleasant cameos that had us laughing out loud.

This might be one of our favorite episodes!

Music Covered in Episode 9

SISTAR - Loving You (Henry playing on the piano)
Cool - Aloha (789 performance on drama set)
Baek Ji Young ft 2PM Taecyeon - My Ear′s Candy (789 boys performance on drama set)
Monday Kiz - It Must′ve Been (Woori and Jang Goon′s drama performance)

Robin: Instead of him, I have a friend named Sandeul. How about him
You don′t know me?
I′m Robin, more handsome than Hyunbin
You don′t know?
He′s the leader of the really popular group, B3A4!
The hyung that looks like you, I kind of like him a lot.

We need to start this off by saying we love Baro and all the B1A4 and Hyde, Jekyll, Me references

Ray: I just took your cold right now

Uh...we have colds too. *cough cough

Hera: I could only remember your phone number...
Because our last digits are the same.

That one went straight to our hearts
Knew the phone nubmers would somehow play out in the story!

Woori: This is our song! But why is Scarlet coming out?

Jang Goon: Right... but this is what we sang...

Henry: Isn′t this your voice, Ray?

Ray: It is...but the person singing is Scarlet...

Oh, sweet, sweet revenge!!
Thank you makjang drama writer and PD

Se Jong: It was really hard for me to come to you too
It was me first. I liked you before Se Chan.
And I couldn′t tell you...
that I was caught in a scandal with Scarlet, whom I don′t have feelings for,
The car accident...it wasn′t me.
I came to you with a lot more difficulty than you know.
Because I wanted to go back to you, because I wanted to fulfill Se Chan′s bucket list,
I said I did it. I signed a confidentiality agreement and stayed silent like I was told

Hera: Why are you telling me this now?

Se Jong: Because... I can no longer see another person next to you.
Because I decided to be honest, at least with you.

I love you...

Well, that finally happened...after a bajililon years.
But...what about Ray? T^T

We loved all the awesome references of makjang dramas throughout the entire episode.
We couldn′t stop laughing.

Photo Credit: Mnet

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