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Top 6 Moments of Sing Again, Hera Gu: Final Episode: To a Present Like You

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2015.04.04 14:00 CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

And we have finally come to the last episode.
Loose strings have been tied, justice has been served and love has been found.

Did you enjoy the series? What was your favorite music cover?
Let us know in the comments section!

Music Covered in Episode 12

Noh Young Shim - Only Longing Piles Up (Kim Feel performance)
Jo Jang Hyuk - Addicted Love (K.Will performance)
Lim Jae Bum - For You (Ali performance)
Kim Gun Mo - Beautiful Good Bye (Kim Tae Woo performance)
N.EX.T - To the Struggling Lovers (789 performance)
g.o.d - Friday (Impact performance)
Kim Won Joon - Show! (Closing scene performance)

Ray: I′ll do it, Doctor!
I′m type A.
Because Se Jong is Se Chan′s older brother.
Because he′s the older brother of my younger brother.

A sweet move from Ray.
Do they count as blood brothers now?

When all of these amazing singers made cameo appearances.

Kim Feel, K.Will, Ali and Kim Tae Woo!

When Team 789 persevered even with Impact cheating.
But serious, that was a cheap move.
Impact should be embarrassed with themselves.

FINALLY this crook CEO getting what he deserves.
We can′t even explain how satisfying this is.

And all the good things happen to the right people

A nice return to the opening scene of this drama,
except with a little change in the spotlighted stars!

And that′s a wrap!

Photo Credit: Mnet

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