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Mwave (Admin)
last activity 2015.05.15 11:29 post 356 thumbs up 58

2013.07.11 09:35

Welcome to Mwave's forum service, Let's Talk!

We hope that you enjoy your time here, but if you're new -- here are a few guidelines




News & Rules

Only admins may post threads here, but anyone can reply. Check here for updates, news, rules and any official information. 


General Talk

A place for you to talk about anything & everything! Keep it clean, keep it fun


Requests (subtheme)

This is where you can request new subthemes. (http://mwave.interest.me/forum/view/1004


1. Post a thread in the Request subtheme requesting an admin to open up a subtheme! (do that here: http://mwave.interest.me/forum/list/17

2. If that post gets 500 thumbs up within the week, we will open the subtheme.

3. We'll monitor each subtheme for six months. If there is minimal activitiy in the subtheme, there is a high possibility the subtheme will close. 

4. WARNING - if you post any threads in the Request subtheme that are NOT requests for a new subtheme, you will get a warning and lose balloons!! 



Anything and everything about K-Pop! If your favorite artist has a subtheme open, please post about that artist in its designated subtheme only. 


Korean Actors & Actresses

All about the actors and actresses that shine on screen! Subthemes can also be requested for this theme.


Korean TV & Movies

Obsessed with Korean dramas, variety shows, sitcoms and movies? This theme is your spot. 


Fashion & Beauty

Got a lot of style? Love to follow fashionistas? Fashion & Beauty is where it's at. 



Got to see your favorite K-pop star in concert? Are you just excited about live shows? Post here!



Fan Works

Got talent to share? Here's where you can shine! Post in the Fanfics or Fan Art section to show off your writing or artwork, respectively, or any other kind of talent in the main forum! 



We also have a balloon system!


Every time you post in the forum, you'll earn balloons. These balloons will come in handy very soon, so make sure to get as many balloons as you can. Balloons also increase your rank in the forum!


Trainee: 0-250 
Rookie: 251-2500 (Blue Star)
Idol: 2501-5000 (Green Star)
Star: 5001-10,000 (Pink Star)
World Star: 10,001-50,000 (Purple Star)
Legend: 50,001+ (Yellow Star


Thread: +1 Balloons
Reply: +1 Balloon
Warning: -50 Balloons


You will receive a warning if you post topics in the wrong forum, spam, use inappropriate or defamatory language, upload inappropriate videos/images/links, etc. 

To report spam or Please click the  MORE  button under the post and then click REPORT.

We're currently working on eliminating spam, but in the meantime, please report all spam posts. 


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Conde Ja'Yade
Conde Ja'Yade 1 (Trainee)
last activity 2015.03.21 07:04 post 1 thumbs up 0

2015.03.21 07:04

BoTs voting at M Countdown

I'm interesting in knowing if you take the votes of BoTs in count.
For what I see you do, or a group wouldn't be able to increasing the points almos a 50% in a few hours...
So now I have another doubt. Will M Countdown let a group win a price because a BoT vote for them?

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April Tran
April Tran 41 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.11.09 17:06 post 41 thumbs up 92

2014.10.29 11:41

thank you admin for posting this

i will work hard to get more balloons~~~

and can i ask what is the difference between balloon and gem?

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nadia gangemi
nadia gangemi 16 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.10.06 06:26 post 16 thumbs up 1

2014.10.06 06:11


thanks for the rule list, admins^^

April Tran  clicked thumbs up on this!
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artandsoul 90 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.09.24 18:26 post 90 thumbs up 18

2014.09.14 21:19

thats cool

Thanks for the rules list!

The balloon system is cute, and a good way to maintain peace in this forum :)

April Tran  clicked thumbs up on this!
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Xyvier Pri
Xyvier Pri 30 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.09.08 17:24 post 30 thumbs up 5

2014.09.08 16:53


new balloon system sound nice~

Hope I can turn to Rookies in short time^^

April Tran  clicked thumbs up on this!
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Diane Amon
Diane Amon 24 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.08.27 12:58 post 24 thumbs up 20

2014.07.11 01:34


I wonder what the balloons will come in handy for? :O

April Tran  bigbangyg88  clicked thumbs up on this!
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Niloo 16 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.05.15 21:22 post 16 thumbs up 31

2014.04.21 01:40


That's good 

April Tran  clicked thumbs up on this!
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Jocelyn.L 5 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.04.05 11:08 post 5 thumbs up 0

2014.04.05 11:04

The Balloon system sound nice

Hope it won't take too long for me to change from trainee to rookie...

April Tran  clicked thumbs up on this!
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Stitch 76 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.10.15 18:06 post 76 thumbs up 5

2014.03.22 20:09


Nice haha, but the balloons seem useless XD 

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Nursarah Susanna
Nursarah Susanna 1 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.02.23 00:08 post 1 thumbs up 1

2014.02.23 00:08


What kind of advantages do the balloons give?

April Tran  Niloo  clicked thumbs up on this!
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