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poweredbykpop 25 (Trainee)
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2013.09.17 03:10

What are you guy's favourite Etude House products? How are they and are there any bad points about them? And has anyone tried the Magic BB Cream, I'm wondering whether I should get it or not~ ^^

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Laura Lee
Laura Lee 38 (Trainee)
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2013.09.19 01:10

BB Cream

I've been using Etude House BB cream ever since I started using makeup, and it suits me just fine. :D I love Etude products because they're cute, affordable and effective. Nail polishes are nice too, especially the ice-cream nails :D

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Danny_Park 147 (Trainee)
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2013.09.18 15:32

BB Cream Cotton Fit...

I love this BB Cream, is just so light and work perfect for my sesitive skin. Other product that I really likes is the Foam Cleansing Pore of their line Baking Powder. The Tonic Wonder Pore is just asome too.

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meishenme 28 (Trainee)
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2013.09.17 04:10

From Etude I like ''Dear Girl's Cute Eye Maker'' the most!

I like Cute eyes maker it is 7free and makes aegoyo line . I also  like Eye's cream (mint's cooling type) and The Etude House CC cream was good for its price :) I don't recommend foot masks from etude , they are not working on me :D Also a lot of people thinks the latest mascara '' Shockara''  which Kristal advertised  was hard to apply . About BB Cream , I want to say now its time for CC cream you should try one ;) But if you want coverage still go for BB , CC has less coverage but it is also a good product for skincare, it is a multi functional cream with  both make up & skincare benefits :) 

So, if you are skincare type of person I suggest Etude's CC and the other brands also has very good ones ;)

About Magic BB I haven't tried it but I've heard that it is not as good as other BB's from etude .

Hope this helps ^.^

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