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Help! Super Junior concert or no concert??

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Regie 6 (Trainee)
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2013.10.01 14:07

:D Hi everyone~

The thing is that Super Junior is finally coming to my country, but without my bias Yesung..the tickets are EXTREMELY expensive ($250 usd aprox) and I don't have the money...my question is.. should I spend a part of my life-time savings for my possible summer in South Korea or New York for my SuJu ticket and buy the VIP one or the seats at the back? I'm not sure wether I'll be seeing their beautiful faces *yes, I think they're beauutiful °¬° lol* or I'll just catch a glimpse of happy running men far away xD has anyone been to their concerts?

>_< is it really expensive, has it always been like this?

TT~TT tickets will go on sale next week..and I'm not sure yet..

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Asterisk 39 (Trainee)
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2013.10.01 15:06

my opinion

that is a hard choice....but, if you Really Really want to go, then I say go for it! New york and S. Korea will still be there, yeah you migth have to wait a little longer to go but seeing your group will be worth it right? being part if the blue ocean and all^-^  Or you could always wait. They might come again, and hopefully with all the members!!  then you can wait and have your summer vacation. which if you go to S. korea you might be able to see your idol! pero al final lo que tu mas quieras!

but if you do go, then might as well make the most of it right?it might cost a little more but , see them up close i say~  ;)

and no i have not attended one:( but hopefully one day i will ^-^


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