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Did EXO fans help Chris Lee win while trying to cheat for EMA?

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CuriousMe 90 (Trainee)
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2013.11.14 13:58

I came across this interesting article (click above) - well, not realy a news article, but more like a fan post


but it basically said that Chris Lee fans created voting bots to cheat their way into getting Chris Lee to win the EMA. But then the fans disguised the bots to appear as EXO EMA, making EXO fans think the bots will help with voting for EXO... but actually voting for Chris Lee...


We all know by now that Chris Lee won, and fans are outraged, which is why this kind of thing came up. 


Maybe Chris Lee fans were cheating, but if this is true, then it's also true that EXO fans were trying cheating too, and maybe it could even uncover 'evidence' that they were cheating in their own ways as well, since that's just something that comes with award voting. . 


I don't know much about Chris Lee, but she does seem to have a reallIy large following and success in China, so I think it makes sense that she won (it's like when hangeng beat Super Junior, cus Hangeng had China behind him) 


Even if this is true, I dont know if EMA will take Chris Lee's award and give it to someone else, since it's already been done and accepted. And if they look into chris Lee's votes, they'll have to look into EVERYONE's votes to see who was cheating and who wasn't and im sure the EMA has better things to do than that. 


Anyhoo, just an interesting thought. 

For EXO fans, who are still angry about it, I think you should just move on. You have Melon, MAMA, and all the other end of the year awards. I'm sure EXO will win something. 


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aiden 614 (Rookie)
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2013.11.19 23:07

oh. i'm tired...

well, these kind of stuff keeps going on and on.... it gets tiring..

one wins, the other gets mad, starts saying stuff.. true or not, i don't care anymore.. whatever.

all that matters is she already won. that's done.

let's try to be happy for her, alright?

NOW we need to vote for MAMA. i hope things will get better....^^

p.s. i am also an exo fan who voted sleeplessly day and night for the EMA and still didn't get to see her idols win ><. (clicked on that vote button like 50 times/day --" *sigh*)


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bgirlbyu 1 (Trainee)
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2013.11.16 20:45


i new it, i new there was something fishy going on

dannyloke  clicked thumbs up on this!
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CuriousMe 90 (Trainee)
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2013.11.18 17:57

it's not confirmed

for all we know, exo fans might be making this all up to justify why chris lee won. 

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maryjune01 914 (Rookie)
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2013.11.15 23:14



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Musico 1 (Trainee)
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2013.11.15 12:04

Awards involving online votes are shady and shouldn't be given big recognition

Honestly, there's so many people that can rig these kinds of categories that involve online voting. I won't be surprised if Chris Lee actually won by cheating. That's why industry experts and other people shouldn't give these kinds of awards category anymore attention. They're not worth that much if they came from cheating. I demand that they stricten the rules and get juries involved just like for MAMAs.

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bananana 2,094 (Rookie)
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2013.11.14 21:17


I'm kind of sleepy so I'll read the post later but based on what you've written, it doesn't sound believable. It sounds like someone just has a hard time comprehending that Li Yuchun won. From what I read, she won with 100 million votes. I really doubt that even with the EXO-bots theory that she was able to surpass all the other artists by so many votes from just cheating. It seems pretty clear that the huge gap was from her fans voting for her.


Honestly, I think the only surprise factor is from people that aren't aware of her popularity. You do make a point about fans in China. I don't mean to make a big general statement, but I've noticed that fans in China are really dedicated in supporting their artists and  when it comes to voting power, they're pretty awesome.


Are EXO fans really angry about? I haven't been on tumblr in a while, and I don't know the sentiments of the fandom.

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