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Idols Dating - Should they have to lie or not?

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Japanese 19 (Trainee)
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2013.11.27 14:47

Idols Dating - Should they have to lie or not?

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Angela Pham
Angela Pham 1,164 (Rookie)
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2013.12.13 10:08


Idk haha.

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joyreyns 113 (Trainee)
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2013.12.13 00:48


i think for me at first of course they need to hide it for their own good but still there's no secrets that aren't revealed right so much better if fans will accept it.

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sapphir3bluu 658 (Rookie)
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2013.12.09 19:34


this is a really interesting question. i think what beats everything is that they should for the safety of the individual and the other party. some people are just way too sensitive about their idols dating..

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Jaejoongluvme 427 (Rookie)
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2013.11.29 11:09


i know it's not good to lie, yes but it is their private life. I wouldn't say it's lying to keep their private life out of the media, but it's mainly to protect what they have. So many times you hear that the family of said idol is getting harassed by fans etc. It's a mess. And if extreme fans heard about their idols dating, they would harass the girlfriend/boyfriend non stop, and that's not right. I feel that idols should be able to say that their dating, but if it's going to cause people and fans to become mean and worse to whomever the idol likes. Idk, i feel that they should be allowed to say who they want to date/who they are dating, but they should have the choice to keep their private life out of the media. 

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Phi_06 5 (Trainee)
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2013.11.29 10:27

I don't think they should lie

Their private life is theirs to keep. Whether they choose to share and when to share about their dating with the public is their choice. 

That said, I don't think they should lie about it.  I rather they bursh off the quesion or simply say they're not comfortable dicussing about the matter.  I take that over a lie any day.

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LG♥ 1 (Trainee)
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2013.11.29 10:11

Idols Dating - Should they have to lie or not?

it's better for them not to lie and just date freely like any other idols in other countries, it shouldn't be any different. the thing that really has to change is the FANS, in this case, the sassaeng who always stalk their idols whenever and wherever they go, that's the core problem. FANS should be happy when our idols are happy. idols are human being after all, we can't expect them to keep on loving us forever, they need their own private life, they deserve and have the right to be falling in love with whoever they want and feel that experience like any other people in the world do. I think fans should set boundaries with their idols, idols love us not like a love to a partner (girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife), fans should be just considered as FAMILY member. and remember that whenever idols say cheesy stuff like i love you, please don't cheat on me or whatever, it's really not to be meant that way, it's just part of the fun. Fans should not take it too seriously. Idols are there to entertain us, not to be obliged forever with us, we're getting old too, sometimes we won't be loving the idols forever, we have our own life too right? we'll get to date, get married eventually, so why can't idols have the same thing? idols are not robots with no feelings, we can't expect them to be perfect all the time even though that's the image that they have to show, but still, in the end of the day, they are still human made of blood and flesh.

and i know there must be fans who could accept their idols dating and be happy about it, but sadly , in reality, there are always more fans (maybe most fans) can't accept it and turn their back on their idols, bashing the gf/bf, finally leave the fandom. that just shows what kind of fans they are. so i hope that could change.

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Vicky 32 (Trainee)
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2013.11.29 10:05

no they should not lie

take for example, the previous/recent events going around L. he avoided the questions, hinted on a relationship on a social media platform that he uses to interact with fans, PRs denied the relationship in the first place. and look at where that has gotten L, the girl, his fans, his fansites and his image. the reasons for his dwindling image and why his fansites were closing was because 1. he couldn't keep his relationship a secret. he should've done a better job at it if he decided to keep it a secret. instead, he went on social media and gave little messages to his girlfriend. which comes to the second part 2. he used social media as a way of giving little notes of his relationship. talking to his girlfriend and etc. another reason that his image is taking a dive. fans thought that these messages were directed to THEM. not little indirect messages to his girlfriend. 3. L's fansite masters were pissed that he couldnt keep his secret relationship a secret. he chose to date secretly, thus fansite masters agree to HELP him keep it a secret. if L had chosen to reveal it on his own accord, then there probably wouldnt be a problem. these are loyal fansite masters, they would've supported him even if he dated. as long as he was truthful to his fans. 


if he never lied about it then there wouldnt have been much of a problem. i mean, fans ship their idols with other people anyways. there are always netizen comments such as suzy and soohyun should date! taemin and naeun should be together for real! i wouldn't be mad id seohyun and yonghwa were dating for real! adam couple should date in real life. is this really what netizens and fans alike would say if they didn't approve of dating?


also times are changing, South Korea's mindset isnt as conservative as everyone think it is. they are on top with digital media and social media. universal interent for the whole country means that everyone is wired to the internet all the time. their phones are STUCK to their hands and their eyes GLUED to screens. internet isnt innocent. the internet is an open-minded place. everything is on the internet. everyone is on the internet. South Korea is a growing developed country that has torpedoed into modernity. evidently, mindsets, beliefs, thoughts and things change along too.

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bibicomel 34 (Trainee)
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2013.11.29 09:44

they shouldn't ....

but they need to think carefully before getting involve with this matter 

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SHINeeElfB3 220 (Trainee)
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2013.11.29 06:24


It's their personal life, and honestly fans along with the idol will feel better if the idol doesn't say anything about their love lives. If the fans don;t know, it won't hurt them and it also prevents any hate!!

Lying is nessassry in this case like I said before it'll protect the idol and their 'lover/or whatever' along with the fans

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AbigaiL 1 (Trainee)
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2013.11.29 06:05

idols dating should wait a bit before telling

i think that they  should tell people only if they have been dating for at least 1 year 

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