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A letter to ~♥MWAVE♥~ :D soon it'll be Chirstmas :)

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DrigoOfficial 270 (Rookie)
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2013.11.29 00:09

Hi Mwave,

It'll be Christmas soon and I'm wondering what will be your giveaways this coming Christmas hehehe~.

I hope you can give us all a giveaway(I don't know if that's possible because it will cost you too much money hehehe) even just a small thing like a key chain let's say hehehe~.

Anyway, I want to say THANK YOU, because your website(most especially Let's Talk) change my life, I mean something new is added in my life. MWAVE is a part of my life already... I'm not really sociable person in real life but I'm a person who knows to socialize only to people I know personally. Your website(most especially Let's Talk AGAIN hehehe) helps me to interact with other people or let me say other fans.

I usually reply on threads because of one reason and that is the ranking feature of your website(as of now my rank is a ROOKIE :D) I want to get the top rank that's why I'm doing it. But as I stay longer here and get replies from other fans, I think and I feel I'm socializing already with other people though I have my SNS but it's very different there because on my SNS, I just talk to people who I only know.




sorry if this thread is too emtional(is it? hahaha)

You guys & gals, what do you want to say to ~♥MWAVE♥~?

comment below and maybe they might read this...



Thank you also to some who replied on my  comments/replies... I'm happy that there are some who replies to me... and sorry if my english is bad hehehe~ :D :)

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Tami Standby U
Tami Standby U 1,286 (Rookie)
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2013.12.01 12:12


Love your letter to Mwave and I really do want Mwave to do a Christmas event on the site! Last one was spin the wheel. :(

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