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Ordering from Mwave Shop (Signed Boyfriend I Yah Album)

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kendisi 힐랄
kendisi 힐랄 851 (Rookie)
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2013.12.14 12:24

Hi everyone!


I decided to write a post about my signed album order from Mwave Shop since there are a lot of people

that have questions about it.


Where I bought it: Mwave Shop

(link: http://mwaveshop.interest.me/index.php/only-at-mwave/signed-cd/signed-album-photocard-boyfriend-i-yah.html)

Price: $13.99 (It was limited to 100 CDs so it's not in stock anymore)


Date I ordered: October 23, 2013

Date it was shipped: November 22, 2013

Date I received it: December 4, 2013


(I live in Turkey and it usually takes between 7-14 days for something to arrive from Korea.

How long it will take for you to receive something depends on where you live.

But if it's been more than a month after your order has been shipped and you haven't gotten it yet,

then it's better to contact them)


About the album:


I love it! Signs are so pretty! Before my order I hadn't paid any attention to Boyfriend's signs since I didn't think

I would be getting anything signed by them but now I can see each of them has a unique cute style.

I got my favorite member Jeongmin's photo card *lucky*. It's not like one of those fancy photo cards that

come inside some albums. It's just a photo printed on photo paper but better than nothing!

It says it was printed on 26.10.2013 which is 3 days after my order.


I'm really grateful to Mwave Shop for selling it at a very cheap price 

I don't think you can get a signed album this cheap from anywhere else.


Some things that you should pay attention to if you're going to order from Mwave Shop:


1. Always read Quick Overview and Details on the product page before ordering!


My first order from Mwave Shop was signed Teen Top "Teen Top Class" album. But I made a mistake and

didn't read the page because I was in hurry to get it before it was out of stock. I had another album in my cart

and ordered them together. When I realized signed Teen Top Class album said;

"This product can't be ordered with any other products. ONLY available as a single product purchase"

it was too late. Mwave sent my other album but refunded the money for the signed album as $ credit to use in

Mwave Shop.


Long story short; always read what it says on the page before ordering or you might regret it just like me.


2. Signed CDs take much longer to receive.


They usually say it takes 2 more weeks than usual but don't count on that. From my experiences,

it takes around 1 month for them to receive it. So you should be willing to wait at least 1.5 months to get it.


3. If you order something, try to check your Order Status every day.


When you order something, your status says "Processing" and they send you an e-mail saying:

"Once your package ships we will send an email with a link to track your order"

I never got those e-mails. But I noticed that the status changes to "Complete" once they ship your order.

(Some people have said that there are instances that the Order Status don't work)


EDIT: I got an e-mail today (on the 17th of December) saying that my Meet&Greet U-KISS CDs have been shipped.

I think they might have started to send those e-mails once they have shipped your CDs.


4. You don't get a tracking number for Free Shipping on orders over $25.


If your cart total is more than $25, once you Proceed to Checkout, you have to choose between

Standard (Free Shipping) and EMS. As of right now, there is no option choose Standard Shipping with Tracking

for orders over $25. I hope they add it.


This is the same for anything that says "___________+Free Shipping".  When I ordered my signed Boyfriend CD

it had free shipping but they didn't give me a tracking number. It's not a problem for me to get normal CDs without

tracking number but signed CDs are too precious and I don't want them to get lost. Unfortunately, EMS is

too expensive! I hope they add tracking number option for free shipping.


That's it, I think. If you have any questions, feel free to ask~

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kxmonte99 2 (Trainee)
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2015.05.03 22:08

This post has been deleted.

This post has been deleted.

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apol0805 9 (Trainee)
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2015.02.07 10:59

Thanks for sharing your experience

I just bought a nicole signed one I hope I won't gert disappointed upon receiving it ;p

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Coraly 738 (Rookie)
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2014.08.04 01:20


This review is old but GOOD! :D

I wish more people would see it cause you answer most of the question they usually ask.

I ordered it too that time!

I remember seeing lots of people saying they also didn't get the photocard with the album...but I got 2...weird.



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Jeannie 195 (Trainee)
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2014.08.03 13:51


Cool! I'm planning to start buying from the Mwave shop and this review helped a lot. I especially like how orgranize your post is, so easy to read ^^. I'm just wondering what the Meet & Greet session is like, so if you're chosen by them, Mnet automatically knows to send you the special gift/signed album right? So you don't have to check the winners to inform them or anything? 

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Alice 4 (Trainee)
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2014.08.03 09:13

Long shipping

D: I was worried that I may never see my albums but seing that it took about 2 months for you to get yours, I'll probably receive mine around september.. Kinda disappointing for them to take so much time...

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wylie mitchell
wylie mitchell 19 (Trainee)
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2014.08.08 21:11

long shipping is right

i ordered the. jun hyseong mng on may 15. i know it got moved to june butshipping didn't even start until 7/25.so it took a month just to start shipping. the worse thing is that i know people have gotten theirs already.I was like the 5-6 person to buy it to.

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Joyce Tang
Joyce Tang 161 (Trainee)
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2014.05.24 18:32


pretty album!

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kendisi 힐랄
kendisi 힐랄 851 (Rookie)
last activity 2014.12.18 23:54 post 851 thumbs up 528

2014.05.27 04:17

Thank you ^^

I wish the photocard that comes with the album wasn't missing but at least I got a printed photo :)

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Sarah 790 (Rookie)
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2014.01.27 14:18


Great review. ^^ I'm not really a fan of Boyfriend, but dang they look so good on that album cover. ;)


"You don't get a tracking number for Free Shipping on orders over $25."

I share the same concern on not getting tracking numbers for free shipping. Hopefully they will change this in the system or at least allow us to pay a couple of dollars for the tracking on top of the free shipping. :|



kendisi 힐랄  clicked thumbs up on this!
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kendisi 힐랄
kendisi 힐랄 851 (Rookie)
last activity 2014.12.18 23:54 post 851 thumbs up 528

2014.01.27 22:01

Thank you ^^

Boyfriend isn't one of my top favorite groups but they would probably be on the list if I made top 10 :) So I decided to

buy one and didn't regret it :)


About the tracking number issue, after getting my tracking number for the (Un)Lucky Bag later than getting my

package, I don't think I'll be paying for tracking number again :/ So disappointing! But I hope they add it and be

more fast on sending you the number, that would be the best :)

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