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I am the Beauty JJANG of KCON 2013!
Know how to look years younger like the K-Pop star? Is your vanity stacked with the best beauty products? Have a great summer skincare tip? Share your best beauty tip in a 1-minute video clip and upload it!

[Giveaway EVENT] Compete to be the BEAUTY JJANG of KCON 2013!! (Win tickets to KCON 2013!!)

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Mwave (Admin)
last activity 2015.05.15 11:29 post 356 thumbs up 58

2013.07.22 17:07

Finally, we announced the lucky final winners of this event.


CHECK IT OUT : http://mwave.interest.me/notice/noticedetail.m?searchFrontNoticeVO.board_no=151622


Compete to be the BEAUTY JJANG of KCON 2013!!  (ENG)


* Event period : 2013.07.23~ 08.18 (KST)     
* Winner Announcement : 2013.08.20 (KST) Mwave Notice & here
* Prize: Pair of KCON 2013 Tickets or Ray-Ban 2140 Sunglasses (1)
* For more information >> http://mwave.interest.me/kcon/event.m

[ How to Enter ]
 - Upload a 1 minute video clip (max. 100 MB) of yourself showing off your makeup techniques or tutorials in a reply in THIS thread!
   (Ex. Know how to look years younger like the K-Pop star? Is your vanity stacked with the best beauty products?

     Have a great summer skincare tip?)
 - Please also including the following: FULL NAME / Nationality (Current Location) / Desired Prize
   Entries without the above info will be disqualified.
 - Additional people featured in the video will not be awarded prizes.

[ How to Become a JJANG!? ]
 - Share the link with your friends and get them to give it a Thumbs Up!

[ Voting Rules ]
 - Vote by pressing Thumbs up or Thumbs down on the post that you want to vote for!
 - We'll be giving 10 lucky voters a prize of makeup from Etude House and Missha!





挑战成为KCON 2013美容JJANG吧!  (CHN)


* 活动期间:2013.07.23 ~ 08.18(韩国时间)
* 公布获奖者: 2013.08.20 (韩国时间) Mwave公告栏

* 奖品:KCON 2013门票2张 or Ray-Ban 2140 太阳镜(择1)

* 想了解更多 >> http://mwave.interest.me/kcon/event.m


[ 参与方法 ]

- 拍摄美容秘诀的视频(长度1分/容量100MB以内), 请在帖子下方以评论方式上传视频

  (ex. K-pop明星童颜化妆法,选择好化妆品的方法,夏季护肤法,打造帅气发型法等, 请将自己独有的变美秘诀拍成)

- 参与时必须填写 [ 全名 / 现住国家 / 想获得的奖品 ]未填写的参与者将取消获奖资格)

- 如不是本人的视频,将会被取消获奖资格


[ 怎样成为JJANG!? ]

- 使得自己的视频获得更多Thumbs up!

- 共享自己的评论地址,获得更多的Thumbs up吧!


[ 投票须知 ]

- 欣赏完视频后请用Thumbs up / Thums down来进行投票!

- 在参与投票的人中,将会选择10名来赠送Etude house和Missha化妆品!

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Leslie Amelia Morendez
Leslie Amelia Morendez 1 (Trainee)
last activity 2013.08.20 10:08 post 1 thumbs up 1

2013.08.20 10:08

Here We Go AGAIN!!!

First things first, she didn't dislike not one video. By assuming one is guilty of cheating, maybe your guilty. She's a good friend of mines and I have a large following on twitter and facebook. Since I'm already heading to KCON i told her to do a cute simple and NATURAL make up video. Unlike most who did over the stop it was about a cute and simple KPOP look. SINCE IDK Gwiyomi is by far one of the most "Cute and Simple" things USED in KPOP show beauty in kpop I don't see the problem. How does she have all these damn dislikes to its not fair in no way. In no way can u call you self clean either sitting here sulking and complaining doesn't change things. Insulting her and disliking her doesn't make you a better human, I'm sick and tired of this BS you all are immature and need to grow up it's not that serious no one's life is a stake. So take the stick out of your ass and support eachother because we all love KPOP. Sitting here and crying like a fucking sore loser when the contest isnt up yet is simply pathetic and sad. Educate yourselves and move the hell on. I'm done hearing and seeing the negitive comments period. Negativity doesn't belong here in KPOP and if your full of that shit I'm gonna need to move the fuck on and become a One Direction Fan. NO one has time for KIDS please grow up and get a soul you souless assholes. This is why I hate contest it brings out the UGLY in people ... WOW WHAT IORNY its a Beauty Contest Seriously GROW UP and MOVE ON. 

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♡ LEE JOON ♡ 4 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.04.09 12:14 post 4 thumbs up 6

2013.08.19 00:13

Please just stop

Why would you assume so fast that it's me disliking people's videos. Just because I have the highest votes? That's not even right. I also have the highest dislikes but I guess you guys don't like me. See what you're doing here is wrong and I'm very upset about it. I don't understand how one person can say this is a friendly competition and there is a dislike button. Nothing is ever friendly about a competition. People get crazy. People get into it. You don't know how people feel and you surely don't know how I feel. You don't even care. So I would appreciate it if all you people would just stop assuming that I'm the one dislike videos. Thank you. 

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Brianna 2 (Trainee)
last activity 2013.08.19 09:33 post 2 thumbs up 3

2013.08.19 09:33


Okay, though it still isn't a nice gesture to go and dislike another's video, it's up to you. You can go around disliking other people's videos if you want since you are free to do whatever you want; but scrolling around looking at everyone else's videos and finding one account that was cussing some girl out is just wrong. And guess what? That account just so happened to like only your video and their own mean comment as well as disliked that one girl's video. Either it's a coincidence or it's an account that is affiliated with you. Not saying this cause you have the most votes, just stating the obvious truth since it's not all about the votes but also integrity.

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Ahrissah 4 (Trainee)
last activity 2013.08.19 16:20 post 4 thumbs up 16

2013.08.19 16:20


Haha sure you feel bad....while having the most votes? Knock of this woe is me routine. You're in the lead.

You have every right to make a video and post it here. But people are frustrated because it seems like you cheated by quickly getting 400 votes, your video was mostly gwiyomi, and then there were massive dislikes toward other's videos. Can you see why others are frustrated? Wouldn't you be frustrated too if you really wanted to see a concert and tried for weeks to get those votes?

I'm Trapped By Henry  clicked thumbs up on this!
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Ally 1 (Trainee)
last activity 2013.08.19 18:49 post 1 thumbs up 3

2013.08.19 18:49


@Ahrissa Yeah I'm sure just because she's in the lead that makes her feel so much better about people sending her hate and disliking her video. Everyone sending her hate is just as bad as whoever is disliking everyone's videos. 

Okay and so what if she did gwiyomi in the end? It's her video. And it's a gwiyomi inspired look. Honestly she hasn't name called anyone or done anything wrong for that matter.I know she's very upset over all this so I suggest everyone just stop trying to argue with her over nothing. She wants to go to kcon just like the rest of you who entered for the tickets. Arguing doesnt make the dislikes go away. Arguing doesnt get rid of the rude comments. Arguing gets you absolutely no where. In a few years most of you probably won't even remember entering this contest. 

Cadance  clicked thumbs up on this!
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jaehwa93_ 3 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.08.01 11:21 post 3 thumbs up 5

2013.08.18 22:59






LINK TO VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ASxtCHYYuQ&feature=youtu.be


1.  Item: White Jewel Face Peeling 
Price: $18
Where: The face Shop Korea

2. Item: Neo Classic Homme Charcoal Oil Control Foam Cleanser
Price: $16
Where: The Face Shop Korea

Price: $1.50 - 5
Where: The Face Shop Korea or Any Asian shop

4. Item: The Slim Moisturizing Cream
Price: $65 ( I Just Showed You Guys My Sample Packets)
Where: The Face Shop Korea

5. Item: Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Whitening Essence
Price: $100
Where: The Face Shop Korea

6. Item: The Slim Facial Mist (I didn't show this item)
Price: $45
Where: The Face Shop Korea

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Arizu 1 (Trainee)
last activity 2013.08.17 15:12 post 1 thumbs up 1

2013.08.17 15:12

Arizu Chi /New Zealand/ Auckland/ Ray-Ban 2140 sunglasses

Hope this video is good ^^  

and i chose a japanese song cos that was all i had in this laptop ^^"


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Priscila Mendoza
Priscila Mendoza 2 (Trainee)
last activity 2013.08.17 14:41 post 2 thumbs up 2

2013.08.17 14:41

priscila mendoza/Hispanic/bullhead city az/2 kcon tickets

Hey guys hope you like the video! thanx for watching;D

I deleted the other one thought this one was much better

Love y'all Godbless♡

products used:

.elf mineral prime

.maybelline coverstick

.maybelline dream liquid mousse

.rimmel stay matte

.avon smooth minerals blush(hearty peach)

.NYX eyeshadow base

.avon eyeshadow quad(mocha latte)

.maybelline ultra liner in black(waterproof)

.rimmel scandal eyes(black)


Music: teen top-no perfume on


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Priscila Mendoza
Priscila Mendoza 2 (Trainee)
last activity 2013.08.17 14:41 post 2 thumbs up 2

2013.08.17 14:06

This post has been deleted.

This post has been deleted.

Henry Oh  clicked thumbs up on this!
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♡ LEE JOON ♡ 4 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.04.09 12:14 post 4 thumbs up 6

2013.08.17 09:32

Felicia Seawood / Black/Hispanic / ILLINIOS / Kcon Tickets

This is my video inspired by the cute song "Gwiyomi"

I hope you enjoy.~

I do not own the song gwiyomi~

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