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Who is your favourite in EXO and why?

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Lily77 426 (Rookie)
last activity 2015.08.14 23:19 post 436 thumbs up 41

2013.12.27 00:11


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Bunga_PinkPanda 17 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.01.02 17:08 post 17 thumbs up 1

2014.01.02 17:08


my fav member is Kai he is talented, cool, handsome, and oh my god he's amazing~

when he start to rap it's fantastic and when he start to dance it's really cool

yup he has a tan skin but, i thinks it's okay it's make him more unique and when he smile he really really makes me die :D oh my god i think i turn like this (hyperbola) if I talking about Kai, he is my bias haha

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commander 20 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.01.03 10:27 post 20 thumbs up 0

2014.01.02 10:20


tbh I'm not sure about all his talents and stuff but Kris is the first guy I've ever acknowledged is good looking... 

chanyeol's voice is very nice when he raps

luhan has a beautiful voice - as do the other strong singers in the group

kai dances with lots of emotion

and there's a lot more reasons for the other members too but they are a great group with amazing songs - it'd be nice if the producers were credited more :)

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MelodicSoul 27 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.01.02 09:41 post 28 thumbs up 0

2014.01.02 09:41

Lay <3

I really like how he dancecs and I find his voice really soothing. And every time he says somethings it's either really dumb or awkward, which makes it incredibly hilarious xD I enjoy watching him on Chinese shows more, since he can express himself better in Chinese (duh...) and I can watch it without subtitles xD"

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Julia 602 (Rookie)
last activity 2014.04.23 17:14 post 606 thumbs up 64

2013.12.31 15:48


Mine would be Lay. :) Although he doesn't speak much on camera I like how he is modest and sincere about his skills as an artist and he's also really funny without realising it, haha.

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AiniJasmine 130 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.07.11 16:06 post 133 thumbs up 35

2013.12.31 01:50

Love all of them but..

I love Xiumin & Chanyeol so much !!

Xiumin - He look younger than Tao even though he was the eldest ~He like to act  cute

Chanyeol - I love his voice ,he also suits with hundred of hairstyle! Click the last pic to see !

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Zafi 117 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.02.24 03:05 post 236 thumbs up 18

2013.12.31 01:03


Kris cos he's soooo friggin hot and funny,

Luhan cos he's my cute little deer,

Baekhyun cos he loves to fool around,

and Chanyeol cos he's my tall happy virus!! XD

(it's not possible for me to have 1 bias in EXO!!!)

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kubraaa 132 (Trainee)
last activity 2013.12.30 20:15 post 133 thumbs up 1

2013.12.30 20:05


I'm searching about EXO nowadays and  I like Lay,he looks manly :D

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셜리 122 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.01.09 12:03 post 123 thumbs up 0

2013.12.30 02:54


b/c of his voice and squishy facae

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Jennifer Young
Jennifer Young 2 (Trainee)
last activity 2013.12.30 02:23 post 2 thumbs up 1

2013.12.30 02:23

Byun Baekhyun <3

Actually I just fell for him the first time I saw him in What Is Love's MV. And then it continued on..

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Simo 1 (Trainee)
last activity 2013.12.29 21:34 post 1 thumbs up 5

2013.12.29 21:34

Luhan and Sehun

Luhan is cute, funny and handsome. He has the prettiest face in the group.

Sehun is cute and very handsome i think Sehun is the handsomest in the group.

You 2 guys have many charm and i love it.


cat  Simo  clicked thumbs up on this!
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