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NC.A Comeback wierd title I'm Different ?

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nicole greatgirl
nicole greatgirl 97 (Trainee)
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2014.04.13 00:58

well starting by the wied title NC.A's new song is not as good as the pervois one , the title have no realition with the song 

then the look is okay i didn't use to see to see stars under the eyes its really confusing 

the story is totaly wierd well i guess that this song did know improve her but take her back to the dubut so i think she have to work more if she want her fans back 

NB: this is just my opinion you can agree and you can disagree its your choise 

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Joanna 47 (Trainee)
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2014.06.19 03:17

I agree

I actaully find it hard to enjoy the song as it sounds pretty messy to me... I really enjoyed her previous songs more and i think that she should release something like Hello Baby,something more ballad.

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