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How do you get posters to stay on your wall lol?

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chelbotakeko 303 (Rookie)
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2014.04.19 19:10

Serious question you guys xD! I've recently been putting up a lot of posters (most of them kpop) on my wall but some of them keep falling off >___<. I've been using sticky putty but it's not doing me any good. And scotch tape is useless sometimes ><. The other night my EXO poster fell off my wall and on my bed, scaring the crap out of me -__-.

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Sammi Curtin
Sammi Curtin 2 (Trainee)
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2014.08.04 14:29


If you don't mind holes, thumb tacks are a sure fire way to make those buggers stay. Although they will also make holes in your poster. My experiance in my dorm with "poster tapes," was TERRIBLE! Nothing stayed up. The walls had a glossy finish and nothing stayed. I started using regular tape and even that would only hold so long after taping it a million times. *sigh* I just use tacks now for MY room... 

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thejinx_o aka Bob
thejinx_o aka Bob 1,640 (Rookie)
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2014.08.04 07:57

me :D

I frame and hang my posters with a nail... but i do have my own place and not that many posters I want up LOL


look into the 3M poster stuff

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Alexis 12 (Trainee)
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2014.04.25 04:16


If you go to walmart / target / whatever large store of the sort is near you, with the posters that they sell they have poster double sided tape. That's what I use since when I used sticky tack it didn't stay and ripped my poster TT_TT although any double sided tape would probably work.

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Joyce Tang
Joyce Tang 161 (Trainee)
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2014.04.25 00:39


I use blu-tack!
sometimes I have to press it against the wall really hard so that it doesn't come off. I have some posters that have been up for like 2 years now and they're still there!

the bad thing about them is that they're like oily or something, so they leave an oily stain through the poster and the wall.

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chelbotakeko 303 (Rookie)
last activity 2015.02.05 10:00 post 304 thumbs up 47

2014.10.08 18:58


Really late reply but I took your suggestion and THANK YOU~ Blu-tack is working really well for my posters/walls now :)!

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Kayleigh 372 (Rookie)
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2014.04.23 04:21


I use 3M command poster strips ^^ the walls in my house are too hard to put any tacks/nails into and those work perfectly! My posters never fall and I don't get holes in my posters either ^^

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sunny 16 (Trainee)
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2014.04.23 01:47


I don't even have a single poster in my room,so I don't know. Maybe I should say nothing.Well...uhm

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melanie_0925 318 (Rookie)
last activity 2014.10.06 06:41 post 333 thumbs up 69

2014.04.23 00:40


I want to know the answer to that too! ^^ i want my posters to stay on my wall!

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Dianis06 400 (Rookie)
last activity 2015.02.27 10:59 post 401 thumbs up 45

2014.04.20 11:43

I don't know

My posters fall on top of me all the time, I hate when I'm asleep and it wakes me up XD

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ChristinaKim 1,058 (Rookie)
last activity 2015.08.07 09:13 post 1,730 thumbs up 37

2014.04.20 08:06


I tape the back of my posters. just keep holding it in place so that the posters can stay. at first, it didn't work at first. but then as i kept holding the poster, it started to stay in place. 

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