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Younha and Kanto - All Day, Everyday MV (Dunkin Ver.)

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bananana 2,094 (Rookie)
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2014.06.13 15:29

DUNKIN is the answer. Haha. I kind of like that there are videos posted of songs for ads like Orange Caramel's Abing Abing (Baskin Robbins). Link to watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmjDyCF87dE



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kendisi 힐랄
kendisi 힐랄 851 (Rookie)
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2014.06.13 21:51


Younha looks like a little boy with that haircut, especially when she is lipsynching to the rap part in the video :D

I like the CF song. I think her voices matches with Kanto's :)


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