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Proof that Taeyeon and Baekhyun were dating

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banjjakbanjjak 32 (Trainee)
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2014.06.20 14:57

I'm not an angry fan of either group. Just wanted to share

1. Instagram ID are similar. 

2. Baekhyun writes ExO = ㅌ ㅇ (in Korean) = 태연 (Taeyeon)

3. The emoticons on Baekhyun's profile, match up to Taeyeon's recent pics of Ginger in a bee outfit, and Taeyeon's sudden desire to become a fish in one of her posts

4. Similar photos

5. Their nicknames for each other disguised as Thank you very much in Taeyeon gibberish

6. Taeyeon: Time to start.... / Baek Hyun: It's the start now

7. Taeyeon's contact photo on Baek Hyun's camera (fans say the picture only comes up if that person took the picture for it. I dont have a galaxy note 3...so dont know)

8. Gya Hing - Taeyeon's expression, later used by Baek Hyun

9. Oreo - white and black. the Chinese characters for white and black are Baek and Hyun. Also the oreo placement in taeyeon's pics are the same as the oreos on Baek Hyun's birthday cake as posted on another members' instagram ( i think sehun? not sure)

10. Similar couple items 


Fans are pissed cus Baek Hyun was the one who said he doesnt think its time to be dating. Maybe when he's 35. 


and one netizen wrote: Dispatch does not usually release kiss pictures. Theyre usually pictures of holding hands or maybe hugging. the fact that they released a picture of a kiss means that there's something more than that. In a small space. a girl and a guy inside a car with the front seat down and kissing? It's game set. Remember what Lee Hyori said. When there are proof pictures of a scandal, the couple will admit it because there are pictures that exceed a certain degree and the paparazzi will use pictures that are of lesser degree Are there just 3 more members of SNSD now?

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thejinx_o aka Bob
thejinx_o aka Bob 1,640 (Rookie)
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2014.10.16 08:55


well looks like members dating was the lest of EXO's worries, huh?

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