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[ DANCE ] Wonder Girls ~ Like This Dance Cover [ Nega Networks Audition ]

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Kiki A
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2014.07.21 11:08

Name: Kiara Ali

Birthday: 28/05/99

Nationality: African-American

Location: Virginia, USA

Hobbies/Skills: Dancing, Singing, Learning Foriegn Language, Surfing the Internet

About Yourself: Annyeong! My name is Kiara, as you know, and I'm pretty nervous to be audtiong for Nega Networks. I've been a K-Pop fan for 3 years and I have audition before in-person about a year ago or so and I didn't do so well. When I saw this article, I saw it as another chance to try again and see if I can make it. I want to become a K-Pop idol so I can inspire others and show that you can accomplish your dreams if you just set your mind on it and enver give up, just keep pushing. I hope you enjoy my little dance clip and the video is a bit bad since my Dad recorded this from my Talent Show in 8th grade lol. x'D I hope to make it into the 2nd round!

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