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Misty Yang
Misty Yang 28 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.08.10 07:53 post 28 thumbs up 80

2014.07.30 08:08

And so you are in love with kpop. You love everything about it. Every angle and every aspect there is to kpop is part of you. But then someone says that you're "crazy" or "out-of-your-mind" or "ridiculous!" and say "open your eyes up for once! you'll never be able to reach them anyway!" What would you do? What would you say to this person?

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Jeannie 195 (Trainee)
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2014.08.04 14:33

Who cares

as long as you're happy. I feel pretty outcasted since I totally abandoned the western music scene I can never take part in classmates conversations, but if I don't like it, I just don't like it. Kpop is what I enjoy and most importantly it makes me happy. At least I have a few kpop fans though. 

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Paulene Jamie
Paulene Jamie 308 (Rookie)
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2014.08.04 13:46

Same Feeling.

I'm just ignoring what other's tell me, actually they became curious how I express myself, I love wearing clothes and match it with any GDragon's style (any bigbang members) and they love it. I know my hopes are unreachable atleast and I am practicing what they call free spirit.  Also, every day is an inspiration, listening to their songs, reading articlesa nd even watching the lates Kdramas are part of my routine. I'm not bothered anyway to others criticizing me. 

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Mylene 후안
Mylene 후안 717 (Rookie)
last activity 2015.07.08 07:35 post 731 thumbs up 149

2014.08.04 13:20


hahaha someone actually said that I'm crazy over my kpop idols. hahaha I told them that they make me happy and they're like my medicine. xD

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차리나 Czarina 뉴질랜드
차리나 Czarina 뉴질랜드 155 (Trainee)
last activity 2015.02.08 17:29 post 156 thumbs up 100

2014.08.03 18:40


No one usually says that 'cause most of my friends are fans except for their brothers lol. I wouldn't usually care but I could always say the same thing to them lol but yeah just ignore 

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nina 131 (Trainee)
last activity 2015.02.23 01:35 post 131 thumbs up 9

2014.07.31 04:31


I used to argue with them a lot! but I don't anymore! they are just being stupid . and Thanks to kpop I ve come to meet a lot of new amazing people so I don't really think I m just wasting my time!

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xlkslb_ccdtks 25 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.07.30 15:05 post 25 thumbs up 3

2014.07.30 14:51


I wouldn't give a shit.

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Ellen 147 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.09.29 15:43 post 148 thumbs up 1

2014.07.30 12:42


I would just ignore them! That isn't nice to say hahha or it isn't nice the way they say it.

If liking kpop makes you happy, continue doing it. Who cares what others say. (Just make you don't become a sasaeng fan...)

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Franiba 217 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.10.31 11:56 post 218 thumbs up 4

2014.07.30 11:48


i won´t waste my time and energy. I don´t need to “reach“ something or someone to like, or in this case, love k-pop. 
Liking k-pop doesn´t hurt, right?
And if in some circunstances, this love for k-pop affects my daily life, then i would try to find a balance between k-pop stuff and no k-pop stuff....... sorry, i´m trying to be clear and my english fails T-T

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cynthike67 62 (Trainee)
last activity 2015.02.04 02:11 post 65 thumbs up 64

2014.07.30 08:26

Nothing is impossible! :)

I would say this, and that one day I will go out to them, meet them or just see them because I can fight for something but he/she can't! :) :3 

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