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help me!!! i need fashion tips!

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Misty Yang
Misty Yang 28 (Trainee)
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2014.08.02 00:18

i'll be starting my first year of high school on august 11 and my fashion sense SUCKS! (i don't even have fashion sense) ever since elementary through middle school, the casual thing i've always worn are jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket over my t-shirt with sneakers. it's boring! i want to show a character of mines with what i wear to school instead of sending out that i'm boring (which i am NOT). anybody? can anyone give me some fashion tips and advice? i would appreciate it.

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artandsoul 90 (Trainee)
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2014.09.13 21:58


It's okay to look normal. You can browse through fashion sites and get inspired. It is not about the clothes but how and who wears them :)

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Alicia 157 (Trainee)
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2014.08.08 18:27


You can try look on youtube. I used to type in ulzzang fashion and there would be videos of the fashion with (usually..) K-pop music playing in the background. You can also try looking for a fashion guru. I look up to Jenn/clothesencounter


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Esha ELfishy
Esha ELfishy 1,922 (Rookie)
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2014.08.04 16:16

help me!!! i need fashion tips!

I recommend you have a look at airport / campus fashion from the idol. They have a high sense ^^

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Paulene Jamie
Paulene Jamie 308 (Rookie)
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2014.08.04 15:59

Accentuate it with accessories.

It's better to look comfortable than wearing flashy things which is not so you. Also, if you are confident with what you're wearing then you have you're own fashion style. I'll sahre mine, lately I'm into rings, high cut shoes and even went too far wearing wedge sneakers (FYI, I'm just 5 ft tall^^), also, if you are not shy enough, use hadnkerchief or bandana, you know what Taeyang and GDragon usually use? The handkerchief can be used as your belt, a bracelet and a bling2 just hanging on your pocket. This is my style at this moment, by the way, you might get curios, I'm more influenced by a hiphop culture. Not that quite though (confusing). 

It relieves stress.

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