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hi there fellow kpopers... ^^

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stillyou 1,939 (Rookie)
last activity 2014.09.05 16:03 post 1,921 thumbs up 108

2014.09.05 16:03

it's been a long time since my last login in mwave.. how are you guys?? I see there're many new comers ^^ and I guess there are also many events that I missed TT.TT

I'm just passing by cause today I'm having a free time so yeah... :) 

okay cut the crap, SUPER JUNIOR IS BACK!!!! Hey mamacita naega ayayayaya...  ^O^ eventho I'm a bit late to post it, but I'm really really happy with my men's comeback.. I'm still waiting for my album btw, hopefully I'll get DH's pc #pleasecomestrueeee... >___<

is there any ELF? if it is let's work harder this year... don't forget to watch Mamacita MV and do vote our boys men on every site you know. and lastly don't forget to buy MAMACITA album... our target is Daesang~~~ ^^ #fighting


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Sarah 790 (Rookie)
last activity 2015.08.30 15:34 post 790 thumbs up 156

2014.09.08 17:52


Welcome back! :) I already got my Mamacita album last week. All the tracks are great. I'm so glad I bought it. ^^

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Xyvier Pri
Xyvier Pri 30 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.09.08 17:24 post 30 thumbs up 5

2014.09.08 16:12


love mamacita!

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Esha ELfishy
Esha ELfishy 1,922 (Rookie)
last activity 2015.04.06 03:50 post 2,143 thumbs up 279

2014.09.06 02:40

hi there fellow kpopers... ^^

I'm also waiting for my album to come, and I also hope to get Hae PC! Or Hyuk! :D

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joycr 2,001 (Rookie)
last activity 2015.05.11 04:20 post 1,986 thumbs up 416

2014.09.06 02:11


yeah haven't seen you around lately ^^


Glad that you are free to drop by the forum :D


PS: Hope you could get Hae's pc ;)

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