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Problems of Asian Music Awards

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Bo Yeon Choi
Bo Yeon Choi 1 (Trainee)
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2014.11.08 13:24

MAMA is even more than what you do not promote the music of Korea. If true Asian Music Awards for the best singer, no doubt, not even uncomfortable going around except some. After receiving this little Grammy. India, China, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, etc. Just look at how many Asian countries have in all their singer from South Korea is not the answer to MAMA also no possibility No skills Idol 

so i mean. Singers in different countries, there are a variety of musical genres, and all the people of Asia to enjoy this, should have the festival. Also, do not judge solely popularity should be a place to turn off real artist. When people from different areas, MAMA Festival is just a small Advertising Festival K-POP.

Korea ordinary people think. IM KOREAN

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Elish Luna
Elish Luna 139 (Trainee)
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2014.11.20 00:33


After reading your post I guess you really do have a point and I agree with you~ 

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Amanda 290 (Rookie)
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2014.11.18 10:29


I totally agree with you, but it's nice to see different Asian cultures coming together and performing on the same stage...but that's just my opinion.

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