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Ashleigh 34 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.11.12 22:17 post 35 thumbs up 30

2014.11.10 22:55

I'm rather annoyed that EXO seems to be winning each category they are in... I'm not  a fan of theirs sorry Other groups and artists are a lot more talented than EXO... BTS, Taeyang, VIXX, and more... T_T Maybe next year... Hopefully next year...

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Dassa 550 (Rookie)
last activity 2015.05.09 06:51 post 553 thumbs up 16

2014.11.14 04:41


Fans never use their heads to vote. They always vote for their favorites. I even sometimes give up voting for my favorites in some categories to vote for a group that's in second place because I still like them and would rather they win than the group with most fans. But I also vote for groups/artists that I love and feel deserve that award even though I love others more. Ex.: 2PM for best MV when I prefer Teen Top and Ailee for best vocals when I prefer IU. But I love 2PM and Ailee tons as well! :)

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Elizabeth 31 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.11.30 08:58 post 31 thumbs up 24

2014.11.13 07:26


well taeyang is wining in other 2 categorys so... but im very sad for groups like BTS and Block B they have done a great job and they got nothing :'(...I'm a exo fan but i understand what you are saying this year was not the best for them in comparision to past years whit growl and wolf.

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imregalia 36 (Trainee)
last activity 2015.02.06 16:14 post 36 thumbs up 13

2014.11.13 04:39


This is their third year already. You should know by now that talent isn't the only fator in the entertainment industry. If it was, SPICA would be winning every award for best vocals. SM is so good at production and promotion, they were able to get EXO's name everywhere which is how they have a huge fanbase for being a young group. You got have to keep trying and get the groups from smaller companies to shine outside of the fandom.

VOTE 2NE1 for best female group.

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xee_ah 112 (Trainee)
last activity 2015.06.26 16:26 post 172 thumbs up 30

2014.11.12 07:51

I feel you...

I'm not a fan of EXO either, but I try not to let that get to me. Although I really want Taeyang's Eyes, Nose, Lips to win song of the year really bad... Like, c'mon, his song was #1 sang song for 11 weeks in a row~

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Ashleigh 34 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.11.12 22:17 post 35 thumbs up 30

2014.11.12 22:17

Taeyang <3

I try not to let it get to me too /: I mean Taeyang's 'Eyes, Nose, and Lips' has been #1 several times AND other groups and artists have done covers of the song... Like how can he NOT win!!!!

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magdalena 186 (Trainee)
last activity 2015.03.01 21:50 post 187 thumbs up 44

2014.11.11 02:28

our voting is only a small percentage of this big machine decisive who'll winner...

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bananana 2,094 (Rookie)
last activity 2015.09.01 16:44 post 2,139 thumbs up 2,143

2014.11.11 01:10


Don't let it get to you. The voting is mainly dependent on fandom size. It's hard to expect fans to actually vote from an objective standpoint. I just don't take it seriously.

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Ashleigh 34 (Trainee)
last activity 2014.11.12 22:17 post 35 thumbs up 30

2014.11.11 01:17


I don't take it seriously really. It's just a shame because really good groups who deserve to win and get even a few seconds of recognition are pushed back because of one group. I've kind of gotten to the point where watching the award shows is of no importance to me and that's kind of sad... T_T

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