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[EVENT] Cheer on Rainbow and Your Message May Appear on MEET&GREET! 【活动】参与MEET&GREET,为Rainbow加油!

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Mwave (Admin)
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2015.02.25 11:50

The Rainbow members are coming to color MEET&GREET with their charms, and now is your chance to show the girls some love!


Upload a video message (all video entries must be YouTube videos) or fan art, showing your support for Rainbow in the comments below, and your works of art may be seen by the Rainbow members during MEET&GREET!


Rainbow’s signed 3rd mini album ‘Innocent’ is available for purchase here - http://bit.ly/1Es3joz


RULES: Upload a video message or fan art for Rainbow. Please do not SPAM – you may reply more than once with DIFFERENT messages/fan art, but not the same video/fan art.


EVENT PERIOD: 2015.02.25 ~ 2015.03.08


BROADCAST DATE: March 10, 2015 (Time TBA)





在此贴内上传Rainbow应援视频或原创卡通(Fan Art),你的大作就有可能出现在Rainbow篇MEET&GREET节目中。请务必使用YouTube上传应援视频!!


Rainbow的专辑销售网页目前已上线,请火速购买: http://bit.ly/1Es3joz        


规则: 上传Rainbow应援视频或原创卡通时,亲可以多次上传不同的视频或原创卡通,但不要上传同样的视频或卡通!!请不要灌水。。。



活动期间:2月25日~ 3月8日


节目直播: 3月10日

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Sweet Hit Day
Sweet Hit Day 1 (Trainee)
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2015.03.09 09:51


Hi Rainbow! We want to congratulate you for this beautiful comeback that has pleasantly surprised us all, it's BEAUTIFUL! You all look radiant/shiny and in your best moment. We wish you keep working as far as you have done. We want to give you all our courage and support, and that's why we want to show you that, even when we are at the other side of the world (Chile), we always think of you an we love you. Because of that, we have created a cover dance group of you! We hope you get to see our cover videos and that you like/enjoy them.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_er5EjhBZDM

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sweethitday


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Lys Fuentes
Lys Fuentes 2 (Trainee)
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2015.03.08 11:28


Hi Rainbow~ Lys here~! (again lol)

"We are Rainnous Chile "TECHNICOLOR" and we would like you to know that you have a solid fanbase here in this far country! We hope you can keep being the best girls ever and never forget that you have fans even in this far country! We love you girls!!"

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Chi Jia Jian
Chi Jia Jian 1 (Trainee)
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2015.03.08 00:17

My Fanart and Message for Rainbow

안녕하세요 레인보우의 언니들! 대만 레인너스 소가입니다. ^^
These two drawings are my fanart for Rainbow... Hope you like them.. Sorry I don't have
enough time to draw Rainbow's fanart... But I really love Rainbow, you are my favorite girl group 
now. I fell in love with you since June, 2012. Hope we can be together forever and I can see
you someday in the future, that's my biggest wish.
  소가 올림.


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lun 2 (Trainee)
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2015.03.06 20:54


大家好! 我是來自香港的小倫!Rainbow是我第一個,也是最喜歡的Kpop女團!特別欣賞你們即使面對事業上各種挑戰,Rainbow成員間依然一如以往團結、時刻充滿愛與正能量!即使無法親身支持,仍希望透過Fanart表達心裡的熱愛與感謝!預祝新歌「Black Swan」在流行榜上取得好成績!希望繼智淑後,很快會看到Rainbow在香港升起!Fighting!

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lun 2 (Trainee)
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2015.03.07 03:50


Another Fanarts

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Lys Fuentes
Lys Fuentes 2 (Trainee)
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2015.02.28 04:26


Hello~! My name is Lysette (everyone call me lys) and I'm from Chile, I'm so happy and proud of Rainbow!
Through time along with a friend (Francisca), have been doing Rainbow's drawings... She draws better than me though (lol) I hope you can see them and I'll upload more soon!.

Greetings, love and blessings!

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Tommy 2 (Trainee)
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2015.02.28 02:43

My Rainbow Meet & Greet Message

Hello my name is Tommy and I am from North Carolina, United States. Here is my video message for Rainbow! I am owner of their international fansite, we have alot of history, but I've only meant them once before through Arirang's ASC, so it be nice if you can show this video. It will mean alot to them! You'll be surprised by their reaction when they see me! ^^ The word hello got cutoff in the beginning, but I tried recording so many times before I got one close to how I wanted it, so I didn't re-record just for that. I hope you do not mind :)


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