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[Mwave Shop] No free shipping for bigger orders?

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SuJuMi 923 (Rookie)
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2015.03.01 02:11


I wanted to buy several 4minute albums from the Meet & Greet for my friends and me, but I can only choose EMS with additional costs as a shipping option. I thought, I have to reduce the amount then and it's really like that: if I order 4 albums, I still get the free shipping option. But 5 or more, there is only EMS.

Should I split the orders now? Did you face the same problem?

I saw the revised Mwave Shop Policy and it said free shipping for orders over 25$ (nothing new here) but under 1.9 kg. Maybe that's the reason...

I still hope it's just a error on the page, because I think it is kind of annoying to split my orders from now on hahaha :D

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Sarah 790 (Rookie)
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2015.03.01 15:20


Yes, I always order the maximum allowed amount before EMS charges are applied. Packages weighing more than 2kg will have to be sent by EMS which is expensive and Mwave can't afford to ship by that method for free. You have to take into account that the weight includes packaging as well, and not just the albums. 


It's a bit inconvenient but the only way for you to get around this is to split your orders. If you're buying 5, I suggest you split it 3 and 2 to get free shipping for both orders. 

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Carla Cortez
Carla Cortez 160 (Trainee)
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2015.03.01 14:29


This happened to me with a different order so I just split them in a couple of orders to get free shipping. If you want to buy more then 4 I suggest split the order it will still count the same as if purchased together for the meet and greet.

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