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Status Complet but the albums doesn't arrived

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Alexandra 661 (Rookie)
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2015.03.13 18:53


In January I made 3 orders, one of them arrived about 1 month ago, but the others two no. My status is 'Complete', I asked mwave what happened with the others two and they send to me an e-mail said "Your inquiry has been passed on to Mwave Shop. For more information about 'Mwave Shop', you can check the answers of Mwave Shop's frequently asked questions from this link ( ), or send us questions to < mwaveshop@cj.net >. Thank you for visiting Mwave and have a good day."

I have sent an e-mail to mwaveshop@cj.net, but no answer, and I do not find where is that section 'Mwave Shop's frequently asked questions from this link ( )', there is no link. 

Do you know the link for 'Mwave Shop's frequently asked question'?

I am worried because I have 6 more albums on those 2 orders, and I really want to receive them.

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Sarah 790 (Rookie)
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2015.03.17 15:35



Not sure if this is the FAQ, but the page is in question and answer format.

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