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Question to HK/MACAU EXO-Ls or just any Kpop fan

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9husbands 571 (Rookie)
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2015.04.04 12:19

My mom is visiting HK and Macau next week and I asked her to buy me the 20 versions of Exo´s new album. I am just wandering how much one cost there so that I know how much the total cost is. Thank you for answering my question! =) 

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다니엘 Daniel
다니엘 Daniel 140 (Trainee)
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2015.04.04 19:07


If your mom is going to Hong Kong, go to the Sino Centre in Mong Kong (CD shops are the level bellow ground). Albums are typically cheaper there compared to CD shops.

They should cost around 145HKD each. If you buy lots the ask for a discount and free posters. Typically the owner will give you a discount or posters if you buy allot.

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Xing 1 (Trainee)
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2015.04.04 16:03


More than $200. How much more depends on where you buy it from. But I don't think its out in HK/Macau yet tho. Usually it takes a while for HK stores to start selling kpop albums after they come out.

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