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Kim Youngil
Kim Youngil 12 (Trainee)
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2015.04.05 14:46

Not an anti but like to ask all MISS A fans what they liked so much about 'Only you'? The vocals were alright compared to groups like sistar, mamamoo and spica. The dance you gotta admit is pretty much nothing compared to other kpop videos. The song itself was alright.I seriously thought their debut song was better. Dont bash, just curious.

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Dassa 550 (Rookie)
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2015.04.11 02:46


It's just a really fun song. I liked hearing how much Suzy improved vocally, but yes, it doesn't really showcase crazy vocals. I think the dance is cute.  They did lack power in their comeback stage and it's not an outstanding choreo, but it's cute and fun. It's just a fun song with good lyrics.

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capwhite_444 14 (Trainee)
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2015.04.09 20:47

I love Miss A

I no opinion. But I have short text Because I love them.

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Valentina 12 (Trainee)
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2015.04.05 17:18

It fits general public demands

I actually liked this album much more than any other Miss A album. Their vocals are no Mamamoo or Sistar, but you can't say the song itself was not catchy. 'Only you' was relying much more on the beat of the song and it's catchiness rather than the actual vocals. I do agree they could've done SO much more with the dance. A song is good for it's overall performance and if i had to rate the song i would rate it an 7.5/8 because god damn in the shower this is all I sing. Have you heard any other song in this mini album? I thought they were all pretty good honestly. My favorite was the song 'Love Song' it has a great beat and i like it overall. This comeback was pretty solid, unlike many groups. In my opinion this mini album was great, but I can see where you're coming from. It's not for everyone.  >.<


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Stephanie 스테파니
Stephanie 스테파니 76 (Trainee)
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2015.04.08 04:59


I agree with this! Many comeback albums lately have been a couple of really good songs stuffed between several mediocre ones to make a full mini or studio albums. Every song on Colors is quality and are as good if not better than the title track. OVerall, this was a really solid release and it's my favorite of the year! (I'm also with you on Love Song being my favorite from the album!)

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