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Kim Youngil
Kim Youngil 12 (Trainee)
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2015.04.06 21:57

Okay, this has been bugging me a lot. People keep saying EXO is Overrated.

How? Sure they are all good-looking so it might throw u off into thinking that they are an overrated group. 

They have really good vocals, check out what is "what is love?","thunder" if you don't like their MV songs. They have amazing rappers.have one of the best dancers in the Kpop world and they always give a good performance and work extremely hard like most Kpop groups. Yeah they are from SM so they didn't exactly have to work their way into fame as they were under the spotlight since they debuted, but that only means that people have higher expectations from them! They can't afford to slack. If did not check out EXO or already have but weren't impressed by them, give them another chance and check out the above songs and transformer. If you fall for them get ready to fall into a bottomless pit u can never get out of. But it's totally worth it. EXO-L u know that feeling, ryt?                                                                           There are many overrated groups out there, but EXO is definitely not one of them. That's what I think. What do u think?Are they really overrated and I'm too blinded by my fan girl feelings to see that or do you agree with me.

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YourAverageAngel 19 (Trainee)
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2015.06.01 02:52


I like them and all, but amazing rappers? LOL A rapper is not just a person that raps, there's a difference (Ask Got7 Jackson). EXO has an extremely weak rap line and not all their vocalists are exceptionally talented. I'm not saying they aren't talented, they just don't stand out.  If they can comeback with something unique where ALL the members stand out, I might go back to stanning them.

(I'm Lay and Kris biased, btw. Yes, I like EXO but I'm not delusional.)

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YourAverageAngel 19 (Trainee)
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2015.06.01 02:51

This post has been deleted.

This post has been deleted.

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alz_amy 5 (Trainee)
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2015.04.12 09:17

if u dont like exo then just go away u dont need to put shity words

exo are not ofc !!! they work really hard & we can see the results also we waited so long for this comeback it explain why  it has so much success & we're glad , so exo L lets continue to support our fav kpop band exo , we are one 

lets stop this jalousy , exo are amazing not just the music  but its about the members they are so ( not just handsome) good ppl ,  gentle & nice with the fans & also with ppl generally  

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rarana 3 (Trainee)
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2015.04.12 08:00

Oh man...

I don't think EXO is overrated.
(They are overworked but that's another story...)


What makes EXO popular you say?
- good company, management and songwriting
you can bash SM all the way but you can't deny they're doing great music and know how to excite the crowd. You may thought (just like I did) that those tons of teasers were bullshit but nuh-huh look where we are! EXO dominates the charts!


- talent
don't say EXO doesn't have talent! they were trained for years in singing, dancing, etc. and they show development even it's been three years they've debuted. you don't like their songs? okay, but don't say they don't sing well because of it. (I agree with the fact that their voice capability is much bigger than what they show but hey there are years before them,)


- looks
before anybody would come and shout at me WOOHOO PLASTIC SURGERY I have to say I'm aware of it. but you know what? it's not like their heads got chopped off and became replaced with a more handsome one. Yeah there eyejobs, nosejobs, etc. but 40% of their faces (at the least) is still original. And yeah there are members who got too much surgery done even if they didn't need that much (*cough* Baekhyun *cough*) that's it, deal with it. I believe in "personality adds the most to looks" so I'm so not disturbed by that.


And the list could go on and on but let's just talk about why most people think EXO is overrated:


- the hype
the hype is real, I'm not trying to deny that. when there's a comeback EXO is on th TV and radio all the time... but isn't this what all artists do? this phenomenon called promotion period, people. they have to go on shows and such to make people realise they've come up with an album because believe it or not, most idols aren't considered popular in South Korea (e.g.: SUJU, GG, 2NE1 & BIGBANG and of course SHINHWA with all the 1st generation idols are widely recognised but the rest not really)


- the fans' love
now that's something I agree with a bit. (surprise~) I've never been to South Korea, have never experienced personally but SK fans seem pretty enthusiastic and hard-working to me, sometimes unrealistically so. The support they give to the idols they love is amazing and frightening at the same time.


but even so, if people have problems with this e.g.: you're not an EXO but a Miss A fan and you don't really like how the former wins lately, go and vote for your idols! it's not like EXO is cheating or something. (If SM commits sajaegi, that will be the end of world.)


so yeah the short summary of this post is: instead of saying "EXO is overrated" 1) reflect on yourself for saying something like that (it's not even about EXO but all groups and soloists general... why do you doubt their talent?) and 2) support those who you do instead of badmouthing others.


Thank you eveybody!


[ BUT if you have your reasons which aren't because you're an anti-fan or something then it's okay too. Obviously we all can't like EXO. Tastes differ especially in music. I mainly wrote this speaking to those who can't come up with better than "plastic surgery", "sajaegi" and "no talent".  Thank you for understanding. ]

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sarah 5 (Trainee)
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2015.04.10 00:36



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alice 4 (Trainee)
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2015.04.09 23:54



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Chae Meryljil
Chae Meryljil 3 (Trainee)
last activity 2015.04.09 13:51 post 3 thumbs up 2

2015.04.09 13:51


yes, i think  EXO is overrated, because they give their best to perform for their fans and also to entertain the audience. anddddddddddddd i really would like to say to the SM Ent. to take good care of their artists...remembering the bad incidents about their artists.

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Stephanie 스테파니
Stephanie 스테파니 76 (Trainee)
last activity 2015.06.25 03:39 post 77 thumbs up 14

2015.04.09 04:17


I think they are, but not because they aren't talented or anything like that. I just think they get a lot of unearned hype because a lot of the songs they're given are so-so and don't show case their abilities at all. If they were with a different company, they'd have more impressive releases. SM knows that they'll be popular no matter what because of EXO-Ls so it seems like they don't try as hard to give them quality material anymore like the do with less popular groups. It seems like lately, EXO is only popular because they're already popular, if that makes sense. For that reason, I think EXO is overrated.

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moki loves 진후
moki loves 진후 267 (Rookie)
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2015.04.08 05:51

honestly even though once upon a time exo were my bias group and i bought their whole discography and tao was my ultimate bias... i think exo is overrated.


i dont think exo's songs are bad, some are good! miracles in december is one of my favorite kpop songs out there, but song is just the vocal line. what im getting at is Chen, do, and baekhyun are great vocalists but exo's rappers a pretty weak and that's coming from a tao stan.


as much as i love him the musically talented chanyeol, his rapping is quite mediocre and its so painfully obvious in his feature on Zhoumi's rewind track. a lot of people excuse it because hes an "idol rapper" but just because someone is an idol rapper does not mean that they shouldn't strive to be a great rapper. honestly, i just dont think sm really houses greaty rappers. i like listening to chanyeol but there are idol rappers who are levels above him and i just cant see him make it on his own as rapper. that doesnt mean that he'll never be a good rapper. in the exodus album their rappers have improved and with time they'll probably be able to make the cut!


But i feel like it's not exactly exo's fault i consider them overrated?? i think some blame should be directed at sm. a lot of exo members are talented at things are aren't their roles in the group if that makes sense? xiumin got into sm for his vocals but here were are and hes stuck doing a rap on most of their tracks. and exo isnt the only group sm does this to. amber from fx got in on her vocals and only through her solo debut was she able to let them shine. also sehun never gets to show anything. he has 0.5 lines per song and he only gets to show off his dancing skills at their concerts. the thing is though, it's mostly exo-l who go to exo concerts obviously and because of that he doesnt get to shine too. 


also exo is really overworked. they cant give it their all sometimes. sm needs to let them rest and give them time to recover.


 overall i guess i just think exo are overrated because theres a huge skill gap between certain members at the same sm isnt putting more attention on those who need to improve and hasn't been able to let certain members show off what skills they have got. 

but of course this is my opinion and in no way am i saying you should change your view on exo. if you love exo you love them and thats all that matters :) and then even if someone were to trhink a group is overrated (like me) its still possible to enjoy them and support them! 

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~~ Baetrayal ~~
~~ Baetrayal ~~ 2 (Trainee)
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2015.04.08 11:26

So Tru....

Oh my God! That's so true! I love them... They were like my life and they still are. it's jsut that Exo-l's are such bitches and they cannot get a hint that no one cares.




The fandom jsut pisses me off, and that's why I sorta think exo is over-rated? Yep.




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