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How would you feel if Kris and Luhan came back????

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Kkaepsong365 84 (Trainee)
last activity 2015.06.05 18:20 post 87 thumbs up 61

2015.04.09 12:26

I would be really happy because lulu (bias!) and kris would be one with EXO again lol but i would feel weird because they quit EXO . It also might be weird for the members to because kris left with out telling any one and luhan only was in exo for fame.(as people are saying(i dont beleve it!)

Any way i would really love EXO to be one again i think that would be awesome !!!!! 

What do u think???? 

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Alicia 157 (Trainee)
last activity 2015.11.26 06:04 post 157 thumbs up 6

2015.11.26 05:51


....I would cry for one. I laughed at my sister since her bias left (Kris) but then it happened to me (Luhan). Luhan was my first bias but then Tao started to tempt me. Then news spread of Tao leaving and I was like TT_______TT why..... So yes, I would really love it if they would comeback because "we are one"-Luhan (he said this when they were at the beach and he said they should all go in the water but everyone was like you can be the ONE. It would be nice if they came back because Exo M is just half of the members now -________-"



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Alice Kris
Alice Kris 17 (Trainee)
last activity 2015.11.09 06:46 post 17 thumbs up 0

2015.11.02 09:21


That will be AWESOME!!!!!!! 

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Kawaii Mi So
Kawaii Mi So 146 (Trainee)
last activity 2015.11.06 13:41 post 147 thumbs up 64

2015.11.06 13:22


I will be so happy. I hope they come back to exo and be ot12 again I really miss the 12 boys being together, but the most important thing is, i want them to be happy. If they are happy i am happy.

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Alex Halili
Alex Halili 84 (Trainee)
last activity 2015.08.27 21:02 post 85 thumbs up 30

2015.06.18 13:50


Having the thoughts what will Luhan and Kris' parts in Call Me Baby and Love Me Right... :'''(

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alz_amy 5 (Trainee)
last activity 2015.06.09 17:57 post 5 thumbs up 6

2015.04.12 09:13

it would be good butttttttt

i will say yess why not !  but just if they bk make exo one as now & as before , we dont want any other bad news right since we exo l want all of them  to be hapy 

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Stephanie 스테파니
Stephanie 스테파니 76 (Trainee)
last activity 2015.06.25 03:39 post 77 thumbs up 14

2015.04.12 04:48


As long as the company treats them well, then I think it'd be great! I'd worry that SM would bully them because of the lawsuit, though. :(

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Kim Youngil
Kim Youngil 12 (Trainee)
last activity 2015.05.10 18:37 post 12 thumbs up 18

2015.04.09 19:44


Kris was my bias from EXO and he left then Luhan was my bias from EXO, but he left too. I would be the happiest person if they returned. I still believe in ot12 and am living in denial. And I don't think we can blame poor lulu for being in EXO  for fame. I haven't heard of an idol who doesn't want to be famous. Most of them join idol groups join idol groups to become famous so they can later on persue with their acting careers or solo activities.  I guess Luhan realized that being in the group wasn't worth it anymore, after the way the company treated him and he got all sick. Although I feel SM is treating EXO members better after last year. The members are doing more solo activities and Tao was actually allowed to rest when he fell sick. If Luhan and Kris ever do come back, I hope the EXO-L fandom can  see them as a part of EXO again and let go all that's happened. And most importantly that SM doesn't treat their artists like shit anymore. 

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李達威 1 (Trainee)
last activity 2015.04.09 20:24 post 1 thumbs up 0

2015.04.09 20:24

OT10 is Perfect

No....these two should never come back to EXO....OT10 is perfect, they are doing fine without them.  


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Kkaepsong365 84 (Trainee)
last activity 2015.06.05 18:20 post 87 thumbs up 61

2015.04.09 20:28




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Chae Meryljil
Chae Meryljil 3 (Trainee)
last activity 2015.04.09 13:51 post 3 thumbs up 2

2015.04.09 13:35

How would you feel if Kris and Luhan came back ????

I would be really happy if both Kris oppa and Luhan oppa came back...yet, I would be really worried on how the other exo members would react to this... For me in my heart,, EXO is still OT12..

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