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Autographed Albums: SEVENTEEN + N.FLYING + 24K (MEET&GREET)

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Coraly 738 (Rookie)
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2015.07.18 21:39

Ordered on: June 9th.

Shipped on: July 10th.

Received on: July 18th.


I got a new package today! I totally forgot it was shipped already so I wasn't expecting it! :D



I was scared this album might be damaged during the shipment since the album is all cardboard/paper but in the end it came in perfect condition so it's all good! :D

All the autographs in the back look beautiful!

Never saw an album with that kind of packaging before, I didn't watch any unboxing or anything I wanted to see it by myself. It's really nice!

The songs are good! :P What's your favourite?



The autographes are on the plastic cover, not the actual album.

The album contains a sticker sheet and a photocard. I got Kwon Kwang Jin's.

Nice album! :D


24K - "HEY YOU"

The packaging is really simple. Like N.FLYING's one but without the plastic cover.

The autographes are all nice and neat, I like them! They look like they're part of the cover.

There's only one song + the instrumental.


I also got N.FLYING and 24K badges but forgot to take a pic, I'll add it later.

Did you order those albums? ^_^


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Kyliexx 11 (Trainee)
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2016.01.26 09:54

Seventeen <33

OMOOO.. so luckyyy Saranghae oppaaas.. maybe next time, my lovesss T^T

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Evalsy 41 (Trainee)
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2015.07.19 19:39


Wow!!! The sognatures are really nice! Especially seventeen and 24 k, so nice ;-; i bought the seventeen as well, from someone else, so I haven't receuved it yet :O but it's good to know although they had to sign 1000 albums, the skgnatures are still very nice, really appreciate that from them ^_^ hope all of them are like that (and not simplified), and the oen they used seem to be a good ine since there's no smudge. :) Thanks for always sharing what you've received ^_^ (It's always nice to know who has noce signatures, because I prefer to buy from a group with nice signatres than crappy simplified ones :p)

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