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Where can i find this hoodie? Hyungsik High Society

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VIXXisthelight 138 (Trainee)
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2015.08.22 07:17


I'm looking for a light grey (or black )hoodie (or sweatshirt) with 4 white stripes on one arm. 

It doesn't have to be THIS hoodie, i don't mind other brands!  I've been trying to find a hoodie like this forever, and i coincidentally saw hyungsik with it on. If you've seen this anywhere, please let me know! (:


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bananana 2,094 (Rookie)
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2015.08.22 09:14

Maybe this?



It's pricey as crap though. I hear the quality is great, but it's still just a hoodie, so...


I found alternatives (knock-offs?) of something similar.






I don't know how reliable the two sites above are though because I've never bought stuff there, and I can't account for the quality or shadiness of these sites, so proceed with caution!

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