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Mwave and Mnet America's 'JJANG' present the KCON 2013 JJANG CONTEST!

Take on the Challenge to become the KCON 2013 JJANG(짱) in one of five categories! Who will join the multitalented MC Jake in heating up KCON 2013?

Event period : 2013.07.23~ 08.18 (KST) Winner Announcement : 2013.08.20 (KST) Mwave Notice

※ The event will be held in partnership with Mwave and Mnet America's 'JJANG.'

What does 'JJANG(짱)' mean?

JJANG(짱) : is a term used by Korea's youth to describe someone who is the best at something (Uses: You're jjang. (짱이다.) = you're the best, momjjang(몸짱) = best body, uljjang(얼짱) = best face, etc)
For the purpose of this event, we're redefining JJANG(짱) to refer to the most talented K-POP fans in the 5 categories of song, dance, beauty, fashion and cooking in K-Culture.
The one stop show for K-Pop fans to get everything they need to stay up to date on all the latest Korean entertainment news!

(Recent VOD : http://www.mnetamerica.com))

How do you become a JJANG(짱)?

  1. ① After selecting the category you'd like to compete in, upload a 1 minute video clip (max. 100MB) of yourself that shows why you are JJANG.
  2. ② Share the link with your friends and get them to give it a Thumbs up!
  3. ③ The JJANG(짱) will be determined by the number of Thumbs ups (70%) and Mwave judges evaluations (30%)


  • US Resident

    tickets per winner to
    KCON 2013
    Convention and attend

  • Non-US Resident

    Ray-Ban 2140 Sunglasses(5 people, 1 winner per category)

  • The chance to appear on
    Mnet America’s JJANG!
    (For KCON 2013 attendees only
    contingent upon circumstances)

  • ㆍFor non-US residents who cannot attend KCON, a prize of equal value will be given.
  • ㆍThe winners of the 5 JJANG categories will also have the chance to appear on the Mnet America TV show 'JJANG' at KCON 2013.


Winners will be announced via the Mwave Notice Board.
You can enter in as many categories as you want as well as upload multiple entries in each category.
Please keep the 1-minute video clip under 100 MB (Clips exceeding the limit will be disqualified).
Participants who partake in unfair voting practices, delete posts, etc. will be disqualified.
Clips that do not meet the aim of the event will be removed and disqualified.
Each winner will be awarded 2 tickets to KCON 2013. Please note that transportation and lodging are not included.
Residents living outside of the U.S. who want to attend KCON 2013 will also be rewarded with tickets.
The prize is subject to change to something of similar specs according to supply and demand.
Shipping company TNC International (+82-2-585-9520 will ship out prizes, which will reach the winners in approximately 3 weeks.
In the event that you are charged customs on your prize upon arrive, you must email TNC at icic32@naver.com with photo proof of the amount charged in order to be reimbursed.