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Hello CJ DigitalMusic Online Service Members.

Please read the following guidelines & info.


In accordance with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection,

Article 30, section 20, pursuant to Article 17 of the Enforcement Decree,

CJ DigitalMusic will use the collected personal information as follows.



Items to be collected


CJ ONE user : Full Name, ID, password, E-mail address, mobile phone number, Birthday, Gender, I-PIN or personal identification authentication

E-mail user : Full Name, ID, password, E-mail address, Birthday

Facebook user : ID for separate use, E-mail address, Full Name, gender ,profile photo and birthday.

Twitter user : ID for separate use, E-mail address, Full Name, gender ,profile photo and birthday.

Kakao user : ID for separate use, Nickname, Profile photo, Full Name, E-mail address, birthday.

Mobile Service user : Mobile Serial Number (Mobile ID), Mobile MAC Address

Optional items

Nickname, profile photo, address, mobile phone number, E-mail address and gender.

Other information on transaction and personal

service using record, data access log, cookie, IP address, records of payment

Preference collected during the process of members' using the service or Company's doing the business

suspension of membership and withdrawal from the membership

Mobile phone information while using the mobile service

Carrier information, mobile phone model name, hardware ID, version of OS(Android/iOS), Push token, mobile phone access date, session ID, mobile phone MAC address

The mobile phone information is in a format that cannot be used for personal identification and the Company does not participate in any activities to identify individuals using the collected data


Customer consents to disclosure of the following customer personal information to third parties authorized by Company

The third party

The purpose of usage

CJ OliveNetworks

- Website log-in
- Earn and redeem CJ ONE points
- Additional CJ ONE membership services


Payment processing for the purchase of a paid product

CJ OliveNetworks

Payment processing for the purchase of a paid product

KB Kookmin Card
BC Card
Samsung Card
Shinhan Card
KEB Card
Hana Card
Lotte Card
Citi Card
Shinsegae Card
CH Card
Kwang Ju Card
Hyundai Card
JB Card
Nonghyup Card
SH Card
Jeju Card
CU Card
Woori Card

Paid item purchase (credit card payment)


Paid item purchase (payment using cell phone / telephone / arts gift card / books gift card)


Paid item purchase (online transfer payment)


Paid item purchase (cell phone payment)


Paid item purchase 
(cell phone payment)

SK Planet

Payment processing for the purchase of a paid product


- Text voting service provision in connection with data
- Operation of SMS, MMS transmission system related to event promotion


Catch On
VOD Package
TV membership confirmation

Management of Personal Information Consignment

Consignment Alliance

Consignment Task

CJ Telenix

Customer guidance, Research, and CS customer service systems operation

CJ OliveNetworks

Homepage Operation, Data Processing Operation

NICE Information Service Co., Ltd.

Personal identification service via mobile


Shipping Agency

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We consider member's private information to be valuable and shall protect all info in accordance

with related laws and regulations.


Thank you.

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