• [ANNOUNCEMENT] Mwave Music Chart 'Monthly Best Supporters of July'
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  • Hit 884|01 Aug 2017
Hello, this is Mwave.
Thank you for participating in Mwave Music Chart "Monthly Best Supporters of July" !
We are pleased to announce the 10 Monthly Best Supporters.
★ "Signed K-POP CD" Delivery Information
1. Title: "Monthly Best Supporters of July"
2. ID (You must log-in with the same ID for verification)
3. Full Name
4. Phone Number
5. Country/State
6. Shipping Address&Postal Code
7. Email Address
Please send your delivery information to the Mwave customer center by August 31, 2017.

★ "Mwave MEET&GREET ticket" expiration date : Sep. 2017~ Aug. 2019

When you want to visit MEET&GREET, send 1) your name, 2) date, 3) Singer’s name by Mwave e-mail 1 week before.
Thank you!

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